Real-time retail with applied analytics solutions

Give shoppers the experience they want, when they want it. Our applied retail analytics applications provide real-time insight into promotion, product, and channel performance – as well as the external factors and pricing strategies that impact demand. It’s never been easier to deliver a relevant, personalized shopping experience in the moment.

  • Accurately forecast demand, optimize inventory, and avoid stock-outs
  • Gauge the effectiveness of your retail promotions and make improvements on the fly
  • Improve staffing, merchandising, and pricing to take advantage of emerging trends
  • Boost customer loyalty by aligning demand fulfillment to all channels
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    Man and woman looking at fabric in a retail store

    Improve Retail Decisions with Big Data

    Predictive analytics can transform your Big Data into big opportunities. Watch this Webcast to see how the technology can help you engage with customers 1:1, better understand their behavior, and laser-target your prices, promotions, and forecasts.

    Woman opening a package at home

    HSE24: Gaining a 360° View of Customers

    Hear how Home Shopping Europe 24 (HSE24) is gaining deeper customer insight and putting it into action – with SAP Predictive Analysis and SAP Audience Discovery and Targeting. The result? Reduced product returns and first-class service delivery.

    Woman browsing products in a retail shop

    How to Harness POS Data in Real Time

    See how SAP Sales Analysis for Retail makes it easy to access and act on point-of-sale (POS) data in real time. In this short demo, you’ll learn how merchandising, marketing, and store operations teams can make data-driven decisions anytime, from anywhere.

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