Capitalize on changes in global markets – with proven trading and selling solutions from SAP

Maximize margins, minimize risk exposure, and maintain compliance – with our trading and selling solutions for capital markets. Move with confidence to multi-asset, multi-market, high volume strategies – in real time. Improve the efficiency of the entire trading lifecycle with our proven solutions.

  • Monitor and respond holistically to new trading opportunities
  • Manage profitability of portfolio trading more effectively by tracking P&L in real time
  • Provide liquidity in the market for selected securities
  • Calculate risk-adjusted profit and loss for each transaction
  • Support robust regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Capture financial market data in real time and integrate with historical data on demand
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Big Data Analytics and Smart Trading

Discover how Big Data analytics and smart trading are leading to the rapid development of new, profitable trading strategies. Extract and analyze information from a variety of big and complex sources – and data types – to create a holistic view of market state.

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Advantages of SAP for Electronic Trading

Find out how to create more profitable trading strategies – faster – with our real-time data platform. Focus your efforts on developing winning trading strategies – rather than building and maintaining your own data management and analytic infrastructure.

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Pricing Illiquid Securities in Real Time

Learn about the challenges faced by firms in pricing complex financial securities – such as fixed-income and derivatives instruments. And find out how the latest technology solutions can help you address the shortcomings of existing pricing approaches.

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