Text Analytics

Exploit full-text search and analyze unstructured data – with text analytics for Big Data

Unleash the full power of Big Data with text analytics from SAP. Find nuggets of useful information hidden in unstructured data sources such as social media chatter, email, text messages, and more. Then combine them with structured data to uncover hidden revenue opportunities and unparalleled contextual insights.

  • Combine structured and unstructured data, then query it, analyze it, and visualize it in real time
  • Search for text data and find it in seconds, regardless of format or source
  • Gain unprecedented insight into customer behavior across multiple locations
  • Automate your contact center replies to text and mail service requests
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Cargo ship at sea

MISC Berhad: Speeding Customer Responsiveness

Learn how Malaysia’s international shipping line is using the text data processing functionality from SAP Data Services to transform relevant email text into actionable information. Now MISC Berhad can quickly identify new business opportunities through email queries and respond to customer requests.

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Medtronic: Managing Unstructured Big Data

Discover how the world’s 4th largest medical device company is effectively managing a massive volume of unstructured data with SAP HANA text analytics. Now Medtronic is able to improve global complaint handling and sales reporting, freeing up sales reps to spend more time directly with doctors.

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Unlocking the Value of Text Data

Read how SAP Data Services can help you extract relevant text from unstructured data stored in Apache Hadoop or other locations. Then rapidly load that text into a high-performing database such as SAP HANA or SAP IQ, where it can be combined with structured data for deeper analysis.

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