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  • "Boost Productivity and Employee Satisfaction with SAP Enterprise Learning" >

    Learn about SAP Enterprise Learning – a comprehensive enterprise learning environment in which business and learning processes can be managed and integrated. It helps ensure that your employees have the right skills by enabling course content management and providing classroom training and e-learning.

  • "SAP Software: Instruction on Demand" >

    Find out how organizations are boosting employee productivity with an e-learning subscription from SAP, which offers learners access to one of four different libraries of online courses for 12 months at a single price. Employees spend less time away from the office and get training when and where they need it.

  • "IDC Marketscape: Worldwide IT Education and Trianing 2013 Vendor Analysis" >

    In this annual review, Cushing Anderson provides an analyst's vendor assessment model on the key technology vendors participating in the IT education market. SAP is called out as a leader in IT education because of its wide range of delivery modalities providing the best opportunity for clients to successfully deploy new software. (IDC, 2013).

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  • "SAP Workforce Performance Builder: Building the Skills that Build Value" >

    Learn how SAP Workforce Performance Builder helps SAP customers quickly and effectively provide their user communities with skills that will build insight and value. Advanced features help keep support and training costs down and regulatory compliance high, and the design is intended for ease of deployment and use.

  • "Faster ROI for Your Software Rollout" >

    Discover how SAP Workforce Performance Builder can help you meet your performance support challenges throughout the entire lifecycle of your applications from SAP and other vendors. A one-time recording generates a wide variety of output formats that can be used for simulations, documents, and context-sensitive help.

  • "Get Real Performance Insight with SAP User Experience Management by Knoa" >

    Learn how to optimize the performance of your SAP applications and of the people who use them with the SAP User Experience Management application by Knoa. With this software, you can assess how an application performs for each person and take corrective action to ensure that you get full value from your SAP products.

  • "Make Learning as Mobile as Your Workforce" >

    Discover how the SAP Learning Assistant mobile app enables employees to easily find and access learning content on their familiar tablets. On-the-go workers can access on-demand, online training anytime, anywhere, and find required classes to quickly address compliance and job requirements.

  • "Boost Operational Efficiency with SAP Workforce Performance Builder" >

    Discover how you can give your employees the end-user training they need, whenever they need it, with SAP Workforce Performance Builder software. This software is the standard for creating, distributing, and managing context-sensitive user help, process documentation, rapid e-learning, and test scripts.

  • "Driving Excellence in Implementation and Beyond" >

    Achieving extraordinary results isn’t a matter of luck. It requires superior planning and a commitment to 10 principles of quality. Find out how applying these 10 principles of quality can help you establish predictability in your implementation and keep your effort and achieved business value in the right balance.

  • "Boost End-User Productivity and Performance with SAP Knowledge Acceleration" >

    Learn how SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Web-based learning software, can help your organization boost productivity by providing role-based training and support materials for your user community. You can increase the speed of end-user training and ensure that users are realizing the full benefits of their SAP solutions.

  • "Navigator Option of SAP Workforce Performance Builder Boosts User Efficiency" >

    Glance over the main points of how the navigator option of SAP Workforce Performance Builder software delivers state-of-the-art performance support to boost operational efficiency. It gives your workforce the end-user training for SAP software it needs, whenever they need it.

  • "Get Ahead of the Curve with SAP Education" >

    Find out how to deliver access to the knowledge that will put your consultants ahead of the competition. Learn how SAP Education for training and certification can make your workforce invaluable to customers. Learn how you can accelerate time to value, maximize billable days, and minimize opportunity costs.

  • "Atos" >

    Read how this professional services firm used e-academy remote-learning programs from SAP Education to train junior consultants. Junior staff members completed the training over a six-month period to meet the needs of their customers' deployment projects or application management services involving SAP software.

  • "Intuitive E-Learning with SAP Workforce Performance Builder" >

    Find out how you can create rich, engaging content to help learners have fun and learn at the same time. See how SAP Workforce Performance Builder software lets you create books and quizzes to help learners retain knowledge and let organizations assess knowledge retention.

  • "Share Knowledge Across Your Entire Ecosystem with SAP Learning Solution" >

    Discover how you can keep partners, suppliers, and customers up-to-date on products and policies by consolidating the learning tools and information they need in one Web-based location. SAP Learning Solution, option for the extended learning community, helps you deliver training beyond your own organization.

  • "SAP Education E-Academies – Meet James: Overview Video" >

    Watch this short video to see SAP Education use the example of ‘James’ to illustrate the value of eAcademies, the bundled e-learning academy from SAP Education that allows you to train to become an SAP consultant at your own pace and in your own time.


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