Turn real-time insight into big-time results with analytics

Real-time analytics can empower your decision makers from the shop floor to the corner office with real-time, contextual insight. Using business analytics from SAP you can exploit the opportunity of big-data by accessing information anywhere, driving greater strategic alignment, adapting to changing market conditions and more accurately predicting business outcomes.

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Make Intelligent Decisions from Big Data

What does your big data mean to you? Watch this quick video to discover new “data-to-decisions” packages from SAP that can help you analyze big data and deliver insights in real time – for any use case – so you can make truly intelligent decisions.

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Real-Time Analytics



Overall, companies are understanding the importance of real-time analytics, but they are having difficulty in accessing the data they need. The reasons? 30 percent of companies say data isn’t updated frequently enough and 27% say that they do not have support for predictive analytics.

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Boost Performance with a Predictable Future

Find out how leading companies view and use predictive analytics. Explore the BI needs and practices of individuals and organizations – and uncover the benefits of using predictive insight to improve your existing processes, information, and systems.

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