Research study: SAP AG and the BTA identify banking best practices for business transformation

SAP AG and the BTA have partnered with the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and the New York University’s Stern School of Business and Management to conduct a joint research project, which seeks to identify a number of methods and procedures in value chains and risk management approaches of banks with business models of different size and complexity of which the outcomes have been consistently superior to others, and which can, consequently, be labeled as "best practices" in this field.

European Central Bank
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Lights on a highway at night

Zettabyte Revolution: Big Data in the Driver’s Seat

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Berlin, Germany

Recap: 2014 Business Transformation Summit

Innopreneurship – combination of entrepreneurship and innovation – has inspired over 300 attendees. Get a glimpse of the two-day Summit held in Berlin and how it focused on how businesses can adopt a start-up culture to survive and thrive in today’s hyper-competitive global market.

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Design Thinking & Enterprise Mobility

Learn how adopting a "design thinking" (DT) approach can accelerate the generation of better enterprise mobility strategies and use cases. This approach bridges the gap between knowing that enterprise mobility is critical, and understanding what needs to be done to realize its value for a specific business.

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