Recap: 2013 Business Transformation Summit

At the 2013 SAP Business Transformation Summit in Washington, D.C., over 200 leading executives, academics, and SAP customers discussed how to approach today’s biggest business transformation challenges and opportunities. Learn more about the annual event and why you should attend next year – regardless of your company size, industry, or geography.

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  • Washington Memorial, Washington, D.C.
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Women shopping in a retail store

4 Must-Haves for Retail Innovation

Mar 25, 2014

A team of academic researchers recently took an interesting approach to uncovering the key drivers behind innovation in retail – they analyzed employment advertisements! Learn about their key findings in this blog post.

Bank teller handing transaction receipt to customer

The Key to Customer Centricity: Information

To fully understand your customers and create exceptional banking products and services – you need timely and reliable information. In this paper, our experts explain how in-memory computing can help banks rapidly process massive amounts of customer and transactional banking data from a common database.

Businessman using an app on a smartphone

Design Thinking & Enterprise Mobility

Learn how adopting a "design thinking" (DT) approach can accelerate the generation of better enterprise mobility strategies and use cases. This approach bridges the gap between knowing that enterprise mobility is critical, and understanding what needs to be done to realize its value for a specific business.

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Learn about a common phenomenon where manufacturers go out of business or are bought up because they can no longer run fast enough.

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Outperforming the Olympic Games

Large-scale projects are difficult to manage and keep on track. Explore five research tools that can help you harness your mega project.

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Understanding the "Internet of Cows"

Has business realized all of the potential value of the Internet? What happens when the Internet becomes ubiquitous?

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Introducing SAP’s Value Partnership Service

Hear SAP co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe introduce SAP’s Value Partnership Service, designed to help customers keep pace with market innovations.

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What is Unique About Value Partnership?

Discover how SAP’s exclusive Value Partnership service can help customers run their business with innovative software – at the lowest cost.

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