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  • "BRAL Taps SAP Business One to Give Clients Web Self-Service" >

    See how professional services firm BRAL – which outsources accounting support – combined SAP Business One with iDocuments from Synantix to offer global customers a cutting-edge Web service.

  • "Numerical Algorithms Group: A Holistic View of the Company" >

    Numerical Algorithms Group is a leader in providing mathematical and statistical software to companies worldwide. Examine how the company is using SAP Business ByDesign to integrate operations, enable transparency, and gain a holistic view of the company.

  • "SAP Business One: Innovations and Enhancements to Simplify Business Management" >

    Run better with the new release of SAP Business One, an affordable application designed exclusively for small businesses. Get an overview of how it can help you fully integrate business operations and grow profitably.

  • "Increase Business Velocity with Connected, Insightful, Cloud-Based Software" >

    Learn how to keep pace with the velocity of business today while driving higher profitability and growth. Gain full, real-time visibility and control over the big picture and the smallest details with SAP Business ByDesign, a complete, integrated, cloud-based business software solution.

  • "Improve Business Efficiency by Automating Intercompany Transactions" >

    Learn how the intercompany integration solution for SAP Business One streamlines intercompany consolidation and collaboration processes. It lets you consolidate, coordinate, and view activities across all business units without manual reconciliation or duplicate data entry, to maximise productivity and minimise errors.

  • "Smith Micro: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn how Smith Micro develops and markets mobile software products & services with the use of SAP. With SAP, see how the company is increasing sales and how Smith Micro can buy other companies seamlessly adding them to their system, and manage a single system of their legacy books and reduce the cost of IT.

  • "CompressorWorks: SAPPHIRE 2011 Testimonial Booth Video" >

    Learn how CompressorWorks is improving efficiency and visibility company-wide using Business All-in-One Fast Start.

  • "Service Performance Insight - 2013 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark" >

    Read this benchmark study on how increasing levels of business process maturity lead to significant performance improvements, specifically to leadership focus, organisational alignment, effective business processes, and disciplined execution. (Service Performance Insight, 2013).

  • "Burrows Paper Corporation: SAPPHIRE 2011 Testimonial Booth Video" >

    Learn how SAP Business All-in-One is giving Burrows Paper Corporation access to real time transactions, more accurate inventory monitoring, and gain shop floor flexibility to better manage costs.

  • "Saladino's Inc.: Scaling to Support Business Growth" >

    Saladino's Inc. is a growing foodservice distribution company, based in California. Learn how this innovator is using SAP Business All-in-One to reduce costs, gain greater efficiencies, leverage best practices, and adapt to change and growth.

  • "SAP HANA Software for Small Businesses and Midsize Companies " >

    Discover how to uncover new business knowledge, strategies, and opportunities for your small or midsize enterprise with the SAP HANA platform. Learn how this in-memory computing solution instantly analyses huge volumes of data and can help you achieve sustainable and profitable growth.

  • "MGP Ingredients: SAPPHIRE 2011 Testimonial Booth Video" >

    Learn how MGP Ingredients uses Business All-in-One as a single source of information, allowing visibility into orders, inventory, production scheduling, and financials.

  • "Business Intelligence: A Guide for Midsize Companies" >

    Find out how business intelligence can give your midsize company a competitive edge – letting your business users analyse and better understand your organisation’s plans and results. Learn what to consider in order to choose the right BI product from the right vendor to best meet your industry and LOB requirements.

  • "Drifire" >

    Learn how fire-resistant clothing manufacturer Drifire selected SAP Business One to run its growing business. SAP Business One provides the key ERP functionality the company needs, and its third-party application library fulfills all Drifire's special requirements with software that shares the same user interface.

  • "Gallus BioPharmaceuticals" >

    Read how Gallus BioPharmaceuticals uses EzLifeSciences offered by Answerthink and based on the SAP Business All-in-One for Life Sciences solution to support operations and compliance on an integrated, scalable application. Gallus helps its customers bring novel drugs to market quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.

  • "IntelePeer: 360 Degree Customer Video" >

    Learn how IntelePeer is using the SAP® Business ByDesign™ solution to improve its financials, customer relationship management, personnel administration, and project management.

  • "Liquent: SAPPHIRE 2011 Testimonial Booth Video" >

    Watch this video to learn how Liquent uses Business ByDesign to manage its business in a way that eliminates information silos, scales to support growth, and minimises costs.

  • "SAP Software for Industrial Machinery and Components Manufacturers" >

    Discover how midsize industrial machinery and components manufacturers seeking to improve operating efficiencies now have an affordable, integrated solution.SAP Business All-in-One for Industrial Machinery & Components supports adaptability for future growth – and fast deployment for a rapid ROI.

  • "EBS Romania " >

    Discover how this Romania-based professional services provider – an SAP services partner – set out to achieve significant growth, including expansion into new markets. The company implemented the SAP Business All-in-One for itself and has seen an 80% reduction in data consolidation and synchronization efforts.

  • "SAP Event Ticketing" >

    Whether the event is culture, theatre or sport, in addition to first-class artists, actors, or athletes, you need one thing to make the event a success - effective ticket sales. With the right system, such as SAP Event Ticketing software, you can maximise sales per seat for every performance, game, and event.


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