SAP Global ATP Check rapid-deployment solution

Build customer loyalty with our SCM software for global available-to-promise checks

Provide the right amount of requested product at the right time and deliver more value to your customers – by relying on our supply chain management rapid-deployment solution for global available-to-promise (ATM) checks. We can help you confirm and process orders seamlessly, and resolve backorder issues more quickly.

  • Increase customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth through more on-time deliveries
  • Reduce overall inventory costs by increasing global inventory visibility
  • Drive operational efficiency by reducing your order backlog
  • Ensure consistent scheduling in shipping and transportation processes
Employee at a computer using our SCM software for an available-to-promise check
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Forklift moving products

Product Availability Check

Learn how this product availability check allows you to confirm available quantities in real time. Following ‘first come, first serve’ logic, our software uses a simple formula to calculate stock availability – and lets you know instantly if you can confirm your order.

Graph depicting revenue growth

Product Allocation

When demand is higher than supply, we can help you meet the needs of key customers with a solution that switches off the "first come, first serve logic" of the product availability check. Allocate product quantities where needed most – and honor other orders when product becomes available.

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The base price for the implementation of the SAP software is $209,100 USD and does not include maintenance or other negotiated services or fees.

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