Fine tune supply chain management with SAP software

Get the flexibility you need to quickly and affordably adapt to market changes, capitalise on new opportunities, and improve perfect order rates – with supply chain management (SCM) software from SAP. Recognised by industry analysts as one of the best SCM portfolios on the market, our solutions can help you strengthen your relationships with suppliers, customers, and contract manufacturers around the world.

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We have the tools you need to transform your linear supply chain into a real-time demand network

Streaks of light on a highway at night, representing a demand-driven supply chain

The Power of Integrated Business Planning

It’s easier than you think to align your sales and operations plan with your financial objectives. Discover the integrated tools you need to manage supply chain risk and variability while optimizing inventory and service levels – for maximum efficiency.

Cargo ship in a loading bay, representing effective supply chain execution

Uncover Supply Chain Innovations

With global markets showing signs of growth, companies are looking to reduce costs and improve product availability by upgrading their capabilities for employees, partners and customers alike. An exxlusive survey and research from Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services.

Image of skyscraper representing unlimited possibilities with SAP HANA

How to Run a Real-Time Supply Chain

Is your company agile enough to operate across a volatile global supply network? Discover how SAP solutions and technology help organizations run their supply chains in real time – satisfying the need for speed when sensing and responding to change.

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