Forrester: Defining the 21st Century Salesperson

Now that product information is so readily available online, the role of salesperson has evolved – and is now defined in terms of his or her ability to add value to the customer. With this in mind, Forrester conducted a study, and found that there are four different types of this new, 21st century salesperson: the expeditor, the specialist, the consolidator, and the conductor. Find out where you fit in.

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Sales rep with a client

SAP 360 Customer: Transform Your Sales Organisation


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Sell More by Selling Less

May 21, 2013

What do you sell, Really? Me, me, me…I, I, I…Yes, we get it. You like to talk about yourself. You and everyone else on the planet. Look, the desire to sell yourself is rooted in good intention. Your desire to hit your quota, to earn trust and respect and to be a good provider to family and loved ones. The problem is the way you are going about it is terribly wrong...

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