Green IT

Boost the energy efficiency of your data centre – with our Green IT software

Plan, define, and take action on a clear plan for reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions, and costs within your corporate data centre and IT infrastructure. The result? Bottom-line savings can be reinvested back into your business to drive growth.

  • Reduce power and cooling costs by decommissioning old systems
  • Cut costs for disk space and storage administration and boost system availability and performance
  • Lower carbon footprint by reducing paper consumption and minimising travel
  • Drive down IT staffing costs and enhance asset utilisation and length of useful life
  • Increase flexibility to support data centre expansion
  • Measure, evaluate, and report on the results of your green IT initiatives
Employees use a variety of devices supported by information technology services
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Employees managing tracking and security

CheckPoint Systems: Going Virtual with Green IT

This manufacturer of tracking and security solutions is replacing its server boxes with virtual machines. The result? The company simplified maintenance while increasing the availability of SAP applications, streamlining recovery, and promoting sustainability.

IT manager checks infrastructure data

Boosting Cost and Energy Savings with Green IT

SAP is working to become a more sustainable company – and passing those best practices along to its customers. Take a look at how we are helping large and small businesses leverage IT technology to address their own sustainability goals.

IT specialist oversees a customer's virtual infrastructure

Reaching Sustainability Goals with Green IT

Taking its commitment to social responsibility and sustainability seriously, SAP is leveraging its IT area as a critical strategic partner to respond to the urgent challenges of the global sustainability movement – specifically through Green IT practices.

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