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  • "Deliver Mobile, Trusted Insights Through Professionally Designed BI Applications" >

    Learn how you can quickly and cost-effectively create stunning, interactive visualisations like BI apps and dashboards based on the exact requirements of executives while reusing your existing assets. Put the right information in front of the right people, and drive the adoption of BI for better decision making.

  • "Why Your Company Needs a Real-Time Data Management Platform" >

    More than ever before, business success depends on data success. To make decisions that help drive strategy, improve responsiveness, and maintain competitive advantage, you need real-time access to data you can trust. See why Forrester Research thinks it’s time for a strategic approach to real-time data management.

  • "Solution Overview: Engineering, Construction & Operations: IT Management: The Business of IT " >

    Explore how leading engineering, construction, and operations companies are using SAP software to make IT strategic for business.

  • "LSI Corporation" >

    When deciding to shift from contract to in-house manufacturing, LSI engaged SAP Consulting services to help develop a new solution architecture to support the move. The result is a better integrated supply chain, saving the company money with fewer errors and omissions and reduced inventory.

  • "Protecting Your Custom Solutions with Premium Support" >

    See how to keep custom-developed solutions from SAP Custom Development operating optimally over the entire lifecycle. Look to SAP Active Global Support for the same support for custom solutions that it provides for standard solutions, enabling your solutions to run at peak reliability, availability, and sustainability.

  • "Nissha Printing Company" >

    After implementing the SAP ERP application at domestic and global sites, Nissha Printing Company introduced the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse application powered by the SAP HANA platform. The company can now analyse data and turn decisions into actions faster than ever.

  • "Solution Overview: Industrial Machinery and Components: IT Management" >

    Explore how leading industrial machinery and components companies are making IT strategic for business with SAP software.

  • "Using Information to Drive Business Innovation, The Future of Data Management " >

    Find out how you can derive value from your abundant data, promote business optimisation, and obtain a stronger competitive position. Learn about our comprehensive, end-to-end data management strategy and technology platform that can help you deliver on the promise of innovation.

  • "Collaborative Quality" >

    Explore insights and best practices for managing an implementation project – how to achieve excellence via a framework in which all critical activities are managed effectively and remain focused. Gain from the experience of the SAP Active Quality Management organisation and its commitment to supporting SAP customers.

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  • "Roche: Gaining Best Security Practices and Steering Development Through SAP MaxAttention Services " >

    Discover how a leading pharmaceutical firm optimizes security by collaborating with SAP security experts as part of SAP MaxAttention services. This collaboration is strengthened by an annual security workshop, which offers previews of new SAP security solutions and enables feedback on SAP software development.


    How does an enterprise that decided to divest several affiliated companies carve out the necessary data to pass along to the buyer, while maintaining business continuity? This company used SAP Landscape Transformation software and engaged the experts of the System Landscape Optimisation group from SAP to help.

  • "SAP's Orchestration Overview" >

    Orchestration – the ability to manage and optimise business processes throughout the enterprise and across enterprises – has become a key IT capability. Read here how SAP helps IT staff create, manage, enhance, and secure new and existing business solutions while keeping business-critical processes running smoothly.

  • "SAP IT Process Automation Helps Kaeser Safeguard Operations Powered by SAP HANA" >

    Find out how this leading German supplier of compressed air systems moved to a service-based business model by harnessing SAP HANA to analyse customer systems remotely in real time. It improved margins and secured the company’s market position while keeping a step ahead of increasing customer demands.

  • "BICS" >

    Learn how this telecommunications company used SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor to deliver higher quality services to its customers. This firm used complex event processing functionality to monitor and address emergency signals in peak traffic periods to gain a competitive advantage.

  • "Solution Overview: High Tech: Technology and Innovation - Enterprise Mobility" >

    Explore how leading information technology companies are incorporating enterprise mobility with SAP software.

  • "Improving Business Continuity with SAP Enterprise Support" >

    Find out about the wide range of services, tools, and best practices provided by SAP Enterprise Support services to help SAP customers tackle the challenge of balancing maintenance costs with system availability to reduce the impact of system downtime on business.

  • "Solution in Detail: Mining: Efficient Asset Maintenance" >

    Learn how SAP software can help mining companies manage the cost and performance of their assets.

  • "Pacific Drilling Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn how Pacific Drilling implemented SAP solution in 16 weeks. Pacific Drilling chose SAP for its trusted solution and built in best practices. The use of SAP was needed to be quicker, to make better decisions with more information and to prepare for growth. SAP delivers an IT system that is reliable and efficient.

  • "Solution Overview: Technology Solutions: Analytics Solutions from SAP" >

    Learn how SAP software can help companies use analytics to make better decisions.

  • "Burjeel Hospital" >

    Burjeel Hospital is maximizing operational efficiency with the SAP ERP application, SAP for Healthcare solutions, and SAP BusinessObjects solutions to help improve the patient experience. Reliable and centralized patient records help quickly establish treatment strategies.


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