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  • "Utilities Energy Infographic" >

    Customer service is the key to maintaining loyalty in the energy industry. SAP Solutions help you integrate Social media with the rest of your business.

  • "SAP Business One: Innovations and Enhancements to Simplify Business Management" >

    Run better with the new release of SAP Business One, an affordable application designed exclusively for small businesses. Get an overview of how it can help you fully integrate business operations and grow profitably.

  • "Solution Overview: Utilities: Energy Supply Chain Optimisation" >

    Explore how leading utilities companies are optimising energy supply chains with SAP software.

  • "Integrate, Automate, and Personalise Business Communications with Greater Ease " >

    Learn how to personalise and produce business communications throughout your enterprise with SAP Document Presentment and the add-on for business correspondence. Discover how to integrate SAP Business Suite so business users can generate and distribute personalised communications in real time across multiple channels.

  • "Solution Overview: High Tech: Technology and Innovation - Enterprise Mobility" >

    Explore how leading information technology companies are incorporating enterprise mobility with SAP software.

  • "Customer Experience Edge - Excerpts from the book" >

    Customer Experience Edge - read the first three chapters from this book on the technology and techniques for a high-quality and profitable customer experience.

  • "Next-Generation Business and the Internet of Things " >

    How do you securely connect smart devices via the Internet to your enterprise, capture data at the “point of action,” and analyse huge volumes of machine-generated data in real time? The SAP Real-Time Data Platform is designed to help you thrive in a connected world, meeting the challenges of the Internet of Things.

  • "SAP Landscape Transformation Software: Speeding Time to Value " >

    Learn about the tremendous value that SAP Landscape Transformation software provides to customers undergoing mergers, acquisitions or restructuring by harmonising and consolidating landscapes and data sources faster than ever before.

  • "Better Asset Performance with Asset Analytics Software from SAP" >

    Find out how SAP BusinessObjects Asset Analytics helps you track performance of physical assets on which your organisation depends for ongoing business success. Integrated with SAP Enterprise Asset Management, it helps you set up asset management goals and make changes for continuous improvement.

  • "Taminco" >

    Learn how this global mid-sized chemicals company reduced operational risk and achieved ambitious workplace safety goals. SAP helped Taminco create a standardised process to globally analyse and report on incidents, near misses, and risk behavior, ensuring safe operations and continuous safety performance improvement.

  • "Business Intelligence: A Guide for Midsize Companies" >

    Find out how business intelligence can give your midsize company a competitive edge – letting your business users analyse and better understand your organisation’s plans and results. Learn what to consider in order to choose the right BI product from the right vendor to best meet your industry and LOB requirements.

  • "Anglian Water - Meet our Customer (MOC) Video 2012" >

    Hear how individuals at this leading utilities company aspired to improve their lives and run better with SAP.

  • "Solution in Detail: Utilities: Fuel Supply Chain Management" >

    Learn how SAP software can help utilities companies manage their fuel supply chain.

  • "Helping Business Users Understand and Measure Data Quality" >

    Find out how you can use SAP BusinessObjects Edge Information Steward to enhance your BI processes and effectively monitor, analyse, and report on data quality.The software is designed to encourage collaboration between business and IT, and provide a single solution for profiling and metadata management.

  • "Drive Performance and Growth with Scalable Solutions for Midsize Companies" >

    Find out how growing companies can proactively manage sales, operations, and financial performance - and take advantage of changing demands - with SAP Business All-in-One powered by SAP HANA. Benefit from smarter business innovations, faster business processes, and simpler business interactions.

  • "SAP Asset Analytics Overview Video" >

    See how the rapid deployment of SAP Asset Analytics helps you track performance of physical assets on which your organisation depends for ongoing business success. Integrated with SAP Enterprise Asset Management, it helps you set up asset management goals and make changes for continuous improvement.

  • "Solution Overview: Utilities: Customer Experience" >

    Explore how leading utility companies are delivering a better customer experience with SAP software.

  • "British Gas: Fueling Customer Loyalty with SAP CRM" >

    Follow this leading U.K. energy and services provider in a company-wide transformation as it breaks down information and process barriers to provide better service and better value to customers, using SAP CRM to power its vision and providing customer service agents with the tools they need to do more for customers.

  • "IES Holding" >

    See how this large Russian utility company deployed the expertise of SAP consultants to help it manage the complexity and geographical distribution of its corporate IT landscape. Experts from the Business Transformation Services group of SAP Consulting helped the company simplify and optimise its IT landscape.

  • "Improving Supply Chain Effectiveness" >

    Get details on how SAP BusinessObjects Supply Chain Performance Management can help your organisation identify supply chain disruptions, respond effectively to new trends, and stand out from its peers.


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