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  • "SAP Think Bigger Guide. Guide 3: Management" >

    Management, both good and bad, is something which never leaves the headlines.Read this guide to see how SAP can help you.

  • "SAP Business One: Innovations and Enhancements to Simplify Business Management" >

    Run better with the new release of SAP Business One, an affordable application designed exclusively for small businesses. Get an overview of how it can help you fully integrate business operations and grow profitably.

  • "Increase Business Velocity with Connected, Insightful, Cloud-Based Software" >

    Learn how to keep pace with the velocity of business today while driving higher profitability and growth. Gain full, real-time visibility and control over the big picture and the smallest details with SAP Business ByDesign, a complete, integrated, cloud-based business software solution.

  • "Nissha Printing Company" >

    After implementing the SAP ERP application at domestic and global sites, Nissha Printing Company introduced the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse application powered by the SAP HANA platform. The company can now analyse data and turn decisions into actions faster than ever.

  • "SAP Manufacturing Success: Chapter 2 - Money and Finance" >

    According to the SAP Manufacturing Success research, over half of tUK manufacturers (55%) consider controlling costs as a key challenge in managing finances within their organisation.

  • "Smith Micro: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn how Smith Micro develops and markets mobile software products & services with the use of SAP. With SAP, see how the company is increasing sales and how Smith Micro can buy other companies seamlessly adding them to their system, and manage a single system of their legacy books and reduce the cost of IT.

  • "Solution Overview: High Tech: Technology and Innovation - Enterprise Mobility" >

    Explore how leading information technology companies are incorporating enterprise mobility with SAP software.

  • "SunGard " >

    Learn how Sungard successfully innovated to cope with the growing data volumes of customers for the range of its Protegent compliance solutions. The company implemented SAP Sybase IQ server, which has enabled it to build newer and larger systems and expand into new markets and business areas.

  • "Customer Experience Edge - Excerpts from the book" >

    Customer Experience Edge - read the first three chapters from this book on the technology and techniques for a high-quality and profitable customer experience.

  • "Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)" >

    Find out why this software provider selected SAP Business ByDesign to manage its business and improve operations. With the integrated solution, the company was able to improve customer service, enable better visibility and control over expenses, increase collaboration between teams, and reduce duplication of effort.

  • "Sybase - Customer Testimonial Video" >

    "ASE is 25% less costly to run than other databases": Find out more about the ASE database in this interview with Sybase CIO Jim Swartz.

  • "Business Intelligence: A Guide for Midsize Companies" >

    Find out how business intelligence can give your midsize company a competitive edge – letting your business users analyse and better understand your organisation’s plans and results. Learn what to consider in order to choose the right BI product from the right vendor to best meet your industry and LOB requirements.

  • "KMD" >

    Learn how a leading provider of IT products and services relied on SAP Rapid Prototyping to develop new offerings for managing "Big Data" using SAP HANA and creating a mobile infrastructure using SAP Mobile Platform. These offerings enable the firm's customers to work more flexibly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

  • "Idea to Performance Overview Video" >

    Overview video that explains SAP´s Idea to Performance Strategy. Learn how to integrate your R&D, manufacturing, and service processes – for faster idea to performance.

  • "Product Compliance for Discrete Manufacturers" >

    Learn how functionality in the SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management application helps you manage product and REACH compliance. And because the software natively integrates with SAP Business Suite applications, you can connect compliance processes with relevant master data and design-to-delivery processes.

  • "Solution in Detail: High Tech: Demand Sensing and Response Management" >

    Learn how SAP software can help high tech companies sense demand and manage response.

  • "Liquent: SAPPHIRE 2011 Testimonial Booth Video" >

    Watch this video to learn how Liquent uses Business ByDesign to manage its business in a way that eliminates information silos, scales to support growth, and minimises costs.

  • "OCS - Partner Testimonial Video SapphireNOW" >

    Hear how the SAP Partner OCS is partnering to run better with SAP.

  • "Helping Business Users Understand and Measure Data Quality" >

    Find out how you can use SAP BusinessObjects Edge Information Steward to enhance your BI processes and effectively monitor, analyse, and report on data quality.The software is designed to encourage collaboration between business and IT, and provide a single solution for profiling and metadata management.

  • "Vizio SAPPHIRE Testimonial Video" >

    Learn how this consumer electronics company uses SAP ERP to enhance business processes to manage multiple currencies, tax regulations, and controls.


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