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  • "Focus on Environmental and Sustainable Practices for Operational Excellence" >

    Hear how The Mosaic Company is operationalizing sustainable business practices in process manufacturing and mining operations to drive strategic priorities and achieve business goals. Standardized processes for data collection, analysis, and reporting support Mosaic's environmental objectives, compliance obligations, and sustainability initiatives.

  • "Solution in Detail: Chemicals: Sustainable Operations" >

    Learn how SAP software can help chemicals companies maintain sustainable operations.

  • "Simplify Software Selection and Implementation by Using Best Practices" >

    Learn how the SAP Best Practices family of packages makes SAP Business All-in-One solutions more affordable, more flexible, and able to deliver faster time to value. Discover how the building-block approach of SAP Best Practices lets you address requirements now and as needs change.

  • "Asian Paints: Meet Our Customer Video" >

    Hear how Asian Paints, the largest coatings company in India are able to manage around 30,000 retailers and provide a delightful brand and service experience to their customers through the use of the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application.

  • "Novus International: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Novus International is a global leader in animal nutrition solutions. Watch how it is working daily to satisfy the growing hunger of mankind, knowing that innovation will be the key driver to realize its vision – which is why it turned to SAP solutions for help.

  • "Sudarshan Chemical Industries" >

    See how SAP Customer Relationship Management helped Sudarshan Chemical Industries dramatically accelerate customer-related processes and fully integrate its manual, disparate sales operations into the rest of the business, reducing inventory and improving productivity.

  • "Drive Innovation and Growth in Chemical and Mill Products Companies" >

    Hear from SAP, DuPont, and ArcelorMittal about solutions to proactively manage supply chain risks, help ensure sustainable and optimal operational performance, and meet customer expectations. Learn how companies use core SAP applications and the latest innovations in mobile, analytics, cloud, and Big Data.

  • "Leveraging the Cloud to Support Chemical Company Operations" >

    Is cloud computing right for chemical industry applications, with all their specialized needs and requirements? Yes! Find out how Protera Technologies can help you realize the benefits of a cloud-based deployment of SAP software for the chemical industry.

  • "Galata" >

    Galata is a midsize chemical company with a global production and sales team. Learn how it got up and running with SAP ERP in just 60 days – without an international IT infrastructure or staff.

  • "Profertil" >

    Read how Profertil developed a transformation road map to align its IT platform with business strategy and created a business case for process improvement in commercial planning and supply chain management with the SAP Value Management program.

  • "Protecting Your Applications from Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities" >

    Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a vulnerability typically found in Web applications. Through XSS, attackers have devised ways to inject client-side script into Web pages. Read this step-by-step guide to find out how you can protect your SAP applications.

  • "Make Adaptive Manufacturing Possible in a Changing World" >

    Discover how process and discrete manufacturers increase competitive advantage and minimize operational risk through faster innovation cycles, smarter use of production capacity, increased operational integrity, and revenue growth from aftermarket services.

  • "Social Responsibility at SAP - how we drive social impact globally with Joel Bernstein" >

    The interview will focus on SAP's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs to help improve people's lives and create positive social impact across the globe. We will highlight the groundbreaking initiatives we are driving in Education in North America, as well as, how SAP solutions, such as HANA, are being used to help solve pressing global problems related to issues such as climate change, crime, environmental sustainability and education.

  • "SAP for Chemicals Whiteboard: Overview Video" >

    Watch a high-level summary of SAP's value proposition and solutions for the chemicals industry – covering applications, analytics, mobile, cloud, database, and technology categories.

  • "Drive Productivity and Asset Performance with Enterprise Mobility" >

    Hear how Tamko Building Products Inc. is driving operational excellence with innovative use of mobile solutions and the SAP HANA platform. Learn how the company is making improvements in asset management and boosting sales force productivity and responsiveness by providing business users with fast access to relevant customer and business data.

  • "Chemical Companies Run Better: Overview Video" >

    Watch this animated video to learn how SAP helps chemical companies run better with solutions that can optimize the safety and performance of assets, promote reliable fulfillment of every customer order, and speed delivery of innovative and sustainable new products.

  • "Dow Corning / RedMonk: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Listen as Dirk Krüger from Dow Corning explains to Tom Raftery from Redmonk how the global silicon technology producer complies with regulations for packaging, transport of dangerous goods, imports, and exports. Dow Corning can create packaging-waste reports for European countries with SAP Recycling Administration overnight.

  • "Examine the Five Platforms for Competitiveness in the New Networked World" >

    Hear from Internet thought leader Don Tapscott, author of "Wikinomics," about strategies for exploiting the world of networked business as a competitive advantage. Learn how business and social networks connect companies across functions and industries to supercharge business activities and to provide powerful analytics for taking action.

  • "SAP Business All-in-One – Helping Manufacturers Meet Performance Goals: Overview Video" >

    Discover how SAP Business All-in-One solutions enable manufacturers to bring their innovative products to market faster, meet the needs of emerging markets, and differentiate their products.

  • "Accelerate the Implementation of Global Label Management for SAP EHS Management" >

    Read how to unlock the benefits of global label management functionality in a modular and predictable way. This implementation service offering from SAP Consulting contains predefined scope and process settings. It enables a comprehensive implementation of global label management functionality in SAP EHS Management.


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