Introducing the fastest way to leverage our in-memory computing platform: SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

Quickly and cost-effectively leverage the proven, superior performance of our in-memory computing technology – with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. This cloud-based deployment option for our on-demand and managed solutions can provide your business users with an easier way to collaborate, plan, and work – accelerating your path to real-time business.

  • Deploy SAP Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver BW, or custom SAP HANA solutions in the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud
  • Get started or accelerate existing projects with subscription-based SAP HANA One in the public cloud
  • Pay only for what you need, when you need it – and quickly and flexibly respond to business needs
  • Easily transition to other SAP HANA deployment options, including SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Partner offerings

Solutions in the cloud
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Best of Both Worlds: In-Memory & Cloud

Explore the core elements of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud – including the elastic infrastructure, in-memory computing platform, and comprehensive services for deploying SAP NetWeaver BW powered by SAP HANA or custom applications.

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Deploying SAP HANA in the Cloud

Discover a new cloud-based deployment option to gain immediate value from the innovation of SAP HANA. Learn about the business benefits of consuming SAP HANA as a service – including faster time to value and greater flexibility – in this press release.

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Try HANA with SAP HANA One in the public cloud

Access our market-leading in-memory platform – hosted by Amazon Web Services – with hourly subscription for licence and hardware. There is no faster and more affordable way to build and deploy productive HANA apps.

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