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  • "Why Your Company Needs a Real-Time Data Management Platform" >

    More than ever before, business success depends on data success. To make decisions that help drive strategy, improve responsiveness, and maintain competitive advantage, you need real-time access to data you can trust. See why Forrester Research thinks it’s time for a strategic approach to real-time data management.

  • "Intelligent Architecture for Today and Tomorrow" >

    Find out how SAP Sybase PowerDesigner provides a pictorial representation of the complexity of your environment to help you simplify and streamline communication. Using this common communication and collaboration platform, you can translate business requirements into design and development deliverables.


    How does an enterprise that decided to divest several affiliated companies carve out the necessary data to pass along to the buyer, while maintaining business continuity? This company used SAP Landscape Transformation software and engaged the experts of the System Landscape Optimisation group from SAP to help.

  • "COSCON" >

    Discover how this container shipping giant set out to implement a standardised data centre system to ensure consistent and accurate data and support decision making and management of its global operations. The firm deployed SAP technologies as the foundation on which to build its system.

  • "BICS" >

    Learn how this telecommunications company used SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor to deliver higher quality services to its customers. This firm used complex event processing functionality to monitor and address emergency signals in peak traffic periods to gain a competitive advantage.

  • "Next-Generation Business and the Internet of Things " >

    How do you securely connect smart devices via the Internet to your enterprise, capture data at the “point of action,” and analyse huge volumes of machine-generated data in real time? The SAP Real-Time Data Platform is designed to help you thrive in a connected world, meeting the challenges of the Internet of Things.

  • "Sybase - Customer Testimonial Video" >

    "ASE is 25% less costly to run than other databases": Find out more about the ASE database in this interview with Sybase CIO Jim Swartz.

  • "SAP Solutions Infrastructure for Real-Time Risk and P&L Aggregation " >

    Find out how leading financial institutions are radically improving the manner in which they measure, model, and control trading and portfolio risks with SAP HANA, SAP Sybase ESP, and FINCAD libraries. Learn about the SAP solution infrastructure and the collaboration between SAP and its technology partner FINCAD.

  • "Kimberly-Clark" >

    What does a global enterprise do to integrate the extensive flow of financial data into its daily operations? For this consumer products firm, which already used SAP solutions, the answer was to use the latest enhancements in SAP's solutions for billing, and managing collections and disputes, as well as credit.

  • "Medtronic" >

    Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology, improved information access and increased BI data analyst productivity with SAP Sybase PowerDesigner. Find out how the company is using the software's rich features for data modeling and communications to simplify and automate its business intelligence processes.

  • "Methods and Tools for Operationalising Data Governance" >

    Find out what industry expert David Loshin has to say about data governance, and how policies and teams aren’t enough to ensure data governance ‒ you need tools and methods to make it a reality. Look at ways of operationalising data governance through best practices in data management and data stewardship.

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  • "Support Extreme Transaction Processing Reliably and Affordably" >

    Find out how SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise helps companies address key challenges in the areas of performance, reliability, and efficiency when it comes to exponential data growth. SAP Sybase ASE offers high data-processing responsiveness and throughput, and predictable, consistent performance.

  • "Emirates NBD" >

    Find out how SAP Sybase IQ helped Emirates NBD Bank make better use of advanced business intelligence functionalities and enable analysts to spend less time waiting for the results of complex queries. As a result, the bank can focus more on meeting customers' needs than on data management technology.

  • "ICICI Prudential Life Insurance " >

    Find out how as this insurance company's business grew, it took charge of synchronising information across its numerous business channels. Learn how it keeps its transactional and data-reporting functions separate, using solutions from SAP to optimise business functions and improve customer service.

  • "Get Rock-Solid, Ultrafast Performance at Low Cost for SAP Business Suite" >

    Learn how SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise offers SAP customers a high-performance database platform optimised for SAP Business Suite that will help improve operational efficiency and significantly reduce overall costs.

  • "NTT DATA" >

    Read how a global provider of IT services takes a proactive approach to solutions that enable real-time data analysis and lead to greater innovation capabilities for customers. SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor and SAP Sybase RAP give NTT DATA Corporation the edge it needs to stay ahead of its competition.

  • "Taking Big Data Beyond the Hype" >

    Is your company moving toward strategic and operational decisions utilising Analytics and investigation instead of managing via standard reports? Do you find that decisions are being made across shorter timeframes with a wider collection of information sources. The world of business is changing - rapidly.

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  • "Data Synchronisation, Loading, and Disaster Recovery for Business Operations " >

    Discover how SAP Sybase Replication Server provides real-time data replication to meet the data movement demands of your enterprise. It distributes and synchronises data across geographies to multiple systems, provides real-time availability of application data for reporting servers, and enables business continuity.

  • "Manage Change with Collaborative Business Process Modeling " >

    Learn how SAP PowerDesigner helps you create a dynamic blueprint of your business, capturing all the details and interdependencies behind your diagrams, so you can manage change far more intelligently.

  • "NHS24: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Hear how NHS24 is using SAP HANA to help them run better.


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