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  • "Service Performance Insight - 2013 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark" >

    Read this benchmark study on how increasing levels of business process maturity lead to significant performance improvements, specifically to leadership focus, organisational alignment, effective business processes, and disciplined execution. (Service Performance Insight, 2013).

  • "Transform Your Customer Service by Delighting Customers Through Social Media" >

    Find out how leading companies are enhancing the customer service experience by integrating social media across service and support channels, with SAP Social OnDemand at the centre of customer engagement processes. They can respond appropriately when people are talking about their brand and offerings online.

  • "Make Every Rep a Sales Hero with the New SAP Sales OnDemand Webcast " >

    This Webcast introduces the business challenges facing sales today and provides an overview and demonstration of how Sales OnDemand can be used to address those challenges.

  • "SAP Precision Marketing Introductory Video" >

    This video introduces SAP Precision Marketing, a new cloud-based enterprise solution, powered by SAP HANA, that empowers companies to influence consumer shopping behavior at the point of decision by delivering 1-to-1 personalised offers in real-time across multiple channels.

  • "Easy as pie: The Quickest Way to Enterprise Apps – The Best Way to Attract New Customers " >

    Supplement classic sales methods: More and more enterprise apps and add-ons are sold via online platforms. This benefits customers, as it means that all apps are available from a single source. But how do the new marketing channels impact the software industry?.

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  • "Your Cloud. Your Way - UK" >

    SAP's cloud portfolio is about flexibility, choice, and control with plug-and-play cloud solutions that leverage an organization's existing environment while achieving business improvement at lower cost and solving critical line of business problems.

  • "The SAP Strategy for Delivering Cloud Solutions to the Utilities Industry" >

    Explore the SAP strategy for cloud computing in the utilities industry. See how the integrated solutions delivered by SAP and our partners are helping utilities companies exploit the best of on-premise and cloud-based functionality - and bringing velocity to business. See how you can quickly run your business better.

  • "Rieber: Elevating Sales Effectiveness and Delighting Customers with SAP Sales OnDemand" >

    Discover how this leading provider of kitchen components and solutions uses SAP Sales OnDemand and the SAP Customer Insight mobile app to help ensure that sales reps will know everything it takes to satisfy customer needs. Rieber employees can act as a single team serving its customers though its linked divisions.

  • "Virtualisation White Paper with CIO Magazine" >

    There are clear benefits of implementing virtualisation and cloud management software – from reduced total cost of ownership and increased agility to enabling faster innovation. Discover key considerations and best practices for evaluating and implementing virtualisation technology into your existing IT infrastructure.

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  • "All for One Midmarket: SAPPHIRE Testimonial Video" >

    Learn how All for One Midmarket AG, an SAP reseller and Gold Partner, used SAP StreamWork to improve collaboration, both internally and with customers, which has decreased the company’s travel expenses for consultants.

  • "Avoid Turbulence on Your Path to the Cloud " >

    Find out how you can increase IT efficiencies and reduce costs by working in a virtual environment – without turning your physical infrastructure upside down.

  • "Financial Executives Speak Out: Better Visibility in the Cloud " >

    Learn from financial executives are using Business ByDesign to gain better visibility.

  • "CIO Guide: IT Security in a Cloud and Mobile Environment" >

    This guide considers IT security from three basic perspectives: secure information, secure interaction, and secure identities. It discusses the challenges posed especially by today’s cloud and mobile trends and how IT can best address those challenges from an application perspective.

  • "SAP runs SAP (Travel OnDemand)" >

    Learn about SAP Travel OnDemand, and see why it was the best choice for SAP. With this solution, employees of SAP can manage their business travel from planning the trip all the way to getting faster reimbursement. Travelers can even take a picture of a receipt and and attach it to an expense report.


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