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  • "Swissfox" >

    Discover how this company in the telecommunications industry engaged the expertise of the Business Transformation Services group of SAP Consulting to help it start a new global telecommunications service. The SAP experts helped create a business process map based on industry best practices.

  • "IES Holding" >

    See how this large Russian utility company deployed the expertise of SAP consultants to help it manage the complexity and geographical distribution of its corporate IT landscape. Experts from the Business Transformation Services group of SAP Consulting helped the company simplify and optimise its IT landscape.

  • "Ymere" >

    See how Ymere – the largest social housing corporation in the Netherlands – used SAP ERP and the SAP ERP enhancement package to lower costs, increase efficiency, reduce invoicing processing time, and activate the Dutch Rent Law business function.

  • "Dawn Foods" >

    Learn how this international supplier of bakery products achieved its objective in improving its business processes to meet or exceed industry best practices. The company engaged the services of the Business Transformation Services group from SAP to transform processes and align them with strategic business goals.

  • "Alce" >

    Understand how this specialised manufacturer of industrial products, such as transformers and insulators, deployed SAP ERP and engaged the expertise of SAP Consulting to redesign and standardise its business processes. The firm now enjoys consistent data across lines of business, and accurate inventory management.

  • "IATCO" >

    See how this large logistics service provider – based in Saudi Arabia – decided to improve visibility into its transportation processes. By deploying the SAP Transportation Management and SAP ERP applications, the company got the transparency it needed, integrated its shipping processes, and improved data quality.

  • "GRAMMER" >

    How does a globally active manufacturer of automotive seat components improve its processes for warranty management and quality assurance? This company decided to deploy SAP solutions and engage the software vendor's expertise to integrate improved warranty management into its existing IT landscape.

  • "Avoid Turbulence on Your Path to the Cloud " >

    Find out how you can increase IT efficiencies and reduce costs by working in a virtual environment – without turning your physical infrastructure upside down.

  • "Al Batha Group" >

    See how a diverse group of companies, located in various geographies, set about ensuring its employees are supported by efficient business processes. The group engaged the services of SAP Enterprise Support and its advisory council to introduce innovations and get the best value from its SAP solution infrastructure.

  • "Canton of Aargau" >

    Consider how the canton of Aargau, a regional government in Switzerland, runs efficient, timely administrative processes with a new e-platform supported by SAP NetWeaver components. Citizens and businesses can submit inquiries through the central platform – and get quick, secure, online responses and better services.


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