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  • "Minol Relies on Custom Applications for All That Counts " >

    This German-based metering and billing company enables its customers to acquire and submit heat and water consumption data effortlessly due to its smart meter-reading technologies. Read how custom applications built on SAP NetWeaver AS help aggregate data from these readings to generate millions of bills accurately.

  • "SAP NetWeaver ID Management for Non-SAP Applications in Telecommunications " >

    Get a look at how one of Europe’s largest telecommunications companies manages over 35,000 user identities with just three IT staff. With SAP NetWeaver ID Management, the firm oversees identities across 160 separate companies while providing users with fast and secure access to non-SAP applications.

  • "BPCL: Delivering New Functionality Faster and Reliably with SAP Software and SAP Enterprise Support" >

    The IT organization at India’s Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) provides technical support for business users throughout the oil and gas giant’s vast enterprise. To meet emerging needs, more than 8,000 SAP software users count on quick delivery of reliable new software with leading-edge functionality.

  • "Balluff: A Central Platform for User Management" >

    Scan the primary features of how this Swabian sensor and measurement systems manufacturer replaced its legacy software with SAP NetWeaver Identity Management and gained the control to manage its user access authorisations centrally. Operating costs went down, and it can now maintain the software in-house.

  • "SA Power Networks - Powering South Australia" >

    Get the story on how SAP NetWeaver AS helped this major South Australian electricity distributor equip itself to rapidly resolve outages within its 180,000 square miles of service territory. The software let it integrate its custom applications with its existing SAP software to better serve its customers.

  • "Coca-Cola FEMSA" >

    This Mexican distributor bottles 1.7 billion cases of soft drinks a year, which are sold throughout the continent. Real-time analysis of the huge amount of data driving this distribution net is crucial. Read how it got help by installing what is the world's largest base of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator.

  • "Comgroup Boosts Developer Productivity" >

    Get a new look at the versatility of ABAP by learning how this German global leader in the nuts and bolts industry and its IT service provider achieved a major boost in productivity by merging ABAP development tools into the Eclipse development environment.


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