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Boost customer centricity with our insurance software

Satisfy today’s informed, demanding, and hyper-connected customers – with our software for the insurance industry. Tap into real-time customer and business insights, speed time to market for new and custom products, and proactively manage risk and compliance.

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EIU survey: How the insurance industry is transforming
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An interactive tool to select the right solution for Insurance.

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The Auto Club: Transforming Business

How is the Auto Club Group delivering faster, easier claims experiences to its customers? With SAP for the insurance industry – software that is also helping the company mine and analyze claims data, reduce its loss ratio, and lower operational costs.

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Achmea: Digitizing Insurance

See how the biggest health insurance company in the Netherlands is preparing for a digital future with the complete SAP insurance suite. And hear how this will help Achmea achieve its goal of becoming the Netherland’s most trusted insurance company.

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SAP Claims Management

Find out why SAP Claims Management won three of four XCelent awards in 2012 – for breadth of functionality, customer base, and depth of service. Read the report to compare top claims system vendors, and discover which system is right for you.

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SAP Financial Services Forum

Learn how to build the foundation for digital change at SAP’s fifth international SAP Financial Services Forum event.