Take marketing research to the next level with
SAP Consumer Insight 365

Unlock and monetize mobile consumer insights and market intelligence – faster – with SAP Consumer Insight 365. This mobile marketing research service uses the latest analytics, in-memory, and cloud technologies to harness mobile network data – so you can develop smarter, more impactful marketing and CRM strategies.

  • Improve marketing with an empirical source of consumer behavior, insights, and market intelligence
  • Get faster access to data by eliminating the need for app installation, customer panels, and surveys
  • Tap into population-scale consumer insights – and drill down to high-definition, granular details
  • Leverage new and more effective ways to monetize consumer data from mobile networks
  • Rely on innovative cloud-based analytics powered SAP HANA, our in-memory computing platform
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Image of SAP Consumer Insight 365 software on multiple devices

See SAP Consumer Insight 365 in Action

Find out how SAP Consumer Insight 365 could help your company gain market share by revealing information about customers to improve marketing plans, customize services and create new offers.

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Tapping into the Data

The amount of data being collected by mobile operators is accumulating fast. Read how Axiata is embarking on a project to put its wealth of customer data to work. All this and more in our latest edition of the Mobile Operator Guide.

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Analyzing Mobile Usage Data

Unlock consumer insights from millions of mobile devices to see who is visiting your locations and identify consumer groups relevant to your business, improving the effectiveness of mobile Web sites, apps, and ads.

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