Keep your shovels running and ore moving with our mobile workforce solutions for mining

Keep pace with volatile industry conditions, ensure sustainable operations and maintain and improve ore margins with our mobile apps for mining companies. Empower the workforce to achieve operational excellence along the entire value chain by removing the bottlenecks, tearing down the silos of information, and changing the way people work at the mine face, in the plant, or in the cockpit.

  • Dramatically improve workforce productivity and safety levels in mines and plants
  • Increase equipment reliability and performance levels
  • Achieve greater ore production with existing resources
  • Bring customers, suppliers and partners closer – and improve collaboration
  • Analyze operational performance, environmental conditions, and regulatory risks – in real time
Engineer using mobile solution to map an open mine
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Mobile solutions change the way people work in a mine

The New Canary in the Mine

Once perceived as laggards in adoption of mobile solutions, the mining industry is now spearheading enterprise mobility to change how people work above and below ground. Learn how mobile solutions are transforming the industry and driving significant gains in safety and productivity.

Mobile solutions promote safety and productivity

Make Mines Safer with Mobile Technology

84% of mining executives surveyed by the Economist Intelligence unit say that mobile technologies have improved their ability to detect hazards or prevent explosions. Learn how mobile solutions are evolving to prevent failures and save lives.

Man opening door of mine

Achieve Maintenance and Safety Excellence in Mining

Mine operators are now deploying mobile solutions to improve safety, even where accidents are historically low. Learn how mobile solutions from SAP can help you save lives, reduce costs and improve performance from your green field to your terminal.

We can help.

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Mobile Solutions for Mining

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