Compete to win in a rapidly changing global marketplace with innovative mobile solutions

Facing rising costs and an increasingly demanding global market, industry leaders are driving operational excellence with mobile solutions up and down the value chain. Engage consumers directly, and enable your workforce and partners to collaborate in the moment to move product faster and deliver exceptional customer service.

  • Accelerate workforce productivity and partner performance to reduce costs and move product faster.
  • Take service to new levels and win customer loyalty
  • Gain insight into detailed, up-to-the-minute market and customer data - anytime, anywhere
  • Respond to markets and take new product and services to market faster
  • Sprint past the competition by packaging mobile apps with your products
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Managers using mobile solutions to analyze performance

HP Empowers Their Salesforce with SAP Mobile

Learn how Hewlett Packard uses SAP Afaria to help manage their large-scale deployment of mobile devices to their workforce. It's helped to improve productivity and response times and enable easier collaboration among departments so they can deliver exceptional customer service.

Shop floor workers using mobile solutions

Lexmark Delivers Service with SAP Mobile

Learn how Lexmark is expanding its services with mobile business processes and workflow solutions to help companies improve their business operations, using Afaria for a device management solution and SMP to create mobile apps. It's led to a positive impact on bottom line results for both Lexmark and their clients.

Service technician using mobile solutions

Transform Your Business with Mobile

Read the Harvard Business report to find out how mobile is transforming industries such as utilities, healthcare, financial services, retail, and many others. Discover how leading adopters are reworking their mobile strategies to take advantage of the latest technologies.

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