Forrester Thought Leadership: Keeping Customers Happy by Personalizing Each Interaction

According to Forrester, 70% of senior marketing executives believe that personalizing the consumer experience can significantly improve customer lifetime value and customer advocacy. However, 1-to-1 marketing is still a challenge. Forrester reveals that in order to avoid losing to competitors or being disrupted by startups, marketers must:

  • Step up to meet consumers’ personalization expectations
  • Adapt marketing channels to align with changing consumer behavior
  • Partner with BI firms, software vendors, and app developers for assistance
  • Build support for personalization initiatives throughout the wider enterprise
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Your Complete Guide to Mobile Commerce

Find out how innovative banks, mobile operators, retailers, utilities, and consumer products companies are using mobile applications to drive customer engagement and loyalty. Browse 40+ articles from analysts, industry experts, and innovative early adopters.

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STM Delivers Innovation via a Mobile App

SAP mobile applications help brands anticipate important moments in their consumers' lives and influence their choices at the right time and in the right way. See how mobile technology can boost customer satisfaction and drive better returns for your business.

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Trends Impacting Consumer Behavior

We recently surveyed 12,424 mobile consumers across 17 countries to gain a deeper understanding of the global trends impacting mobile user behavior in more than six industries. The resulting reports provide vital data to help you formulate and build your mobile strategy.

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