Mobile transforms the energy and natural resources sector

Asset intensive industries keep the world running. Amongst these, the energy & natural resource sector is foundational to our future. SAP sponsored The Economist Intelligence Unit to independently survey 150 global executives in this sector to learn how mobility is transforming their companies. Learn how mobile technologies are:

  • Saving miners’ lives and improving health above and below ground
  • Ensuring sustained and profitable oil & gas production from well to gas pump
  • Making utility customers allies in more efficient and sustainable operations
  • Download the report series below for further details

Workers using mobile device to evaluate our energy and natural resources
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Men fixing the utility connections

Utilities and the Customer Connection

78% of surveyed utilities exectives say mobile technologies are improving their peak load management and demand response. Explore how the revolution in consumer mobile communications is changing how utilities serve customers by encouraging them to become more responsive and engaged.

Man working on an oil rig

Digital Dividends, from Oil Patch to Gas Pump

80% of surveyed oil and gas executives say mobile provides the real-time understanding and response they need to achieve high productivity and capacity. See how oil and gas companies are using mobile technologies to lift operational performance, while also improving environmental sustainability and worker health and safety.

Man working in a mine

The New Canary in the Mine

78% of surveyed mining executives say workers’ lives have been saved as a result of mobile technologies. Learn how a new generation of mobile solutions is improving health and safety for miners, while simultaneously boosting productivity and saving costs.

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