Make Internet of Things Real: Monitor, Analyze, Automate.

SAP solutions for the Internet of Things provide everything you need to continuously generate data-driven intelligence from connected things, people and devices to optimize your business processes and automate operations. This is made possible by the unique ability of SAP HANA platform to monitor, analyze and automate your business in real time.

Watch: Harnessing the Internet of Things
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Learn how SAP solutions for the Internet of Things can connect your enterprise to the future today.



Experience SAP Solutions for the Internet of Things at SAPPHIRE NOW, in Orlando June 3 - 5, 2014. Meet SAP IOT experts and see how customers are transforming their companies with the Internet of Things.

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Managing the Internet of Things Revolution

Over the next five to seven years, the IoT will drive transformation across industries. Instead of adding sensors to products, companies will create products with sensors built in. Instead of adding devices to operations, organizations will design their processes to .........

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How Internet of Things is Raising Your IQ

The Internet of Things is not a future phenomenon. Every day more of our machines, systems, and devices are becoming interconnected. Learn what SAP and Harris Research found out about M2M adoption in a survey of 751 companies around the world.

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Customer News

Learn about co-innovation projects to make the “Internet of Things” a real, repeatable and scalable business opportunity for enterprise customers.