SAP Liquidity Risk Management Powered by SAP HANA

Perform real-time, high-speed liquidity risk management and reporting on large volumes of cash flows

Strengthen risk resilience and build a more robust liquidity cushion with deeper visibility into your liquidity profile. SAP Liquidity Risk Management software uses powerful in-memory technology to instantly measure key liquidity risk ratios – including the Basel III Liquidity Coverage Ratio and Economic Cash Flow Gap.

  • Reduce borrowing and funding costs with real-time visibility into liquidity
  • Minimize regulatory compliance costs with out-of-the box Basel III ratio calculations
  • Predict the impact of market volatility on your cash and liquidity positions
  • Take counterbalancing action to reduce your liquidity exposure
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Strengthen Your Liquidity Resilience

Comply with financial regulations more easily – and gain deeper visibility into your liquidity profile. Watch this video to learn how to instantly test out different market scenarios that affect your liquidity resilience, with the SAP HANA platform.

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SAP Liquidity Risk Management in Action

Learn how to reduce your liquidity risk with our risk management software. See how easy it is to calculate key liquidity risk ratios like the Liquidity Coverage Ratio and the Economic Cash Flow Gap – and simulate different stress scenarios.

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How to Minimize Liquidity Risks

Discover how to build a comprehensive view of your liquidity profile. Our liquidity risk management software with powerful in-memory technology allows you to instantly analyze your cash flows, in real time – to help mitigate liquidity risks.

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