Turn your big data into a big advantage – with in-memory sensing and response applications

Running business in real time – and instantaneously responding to millions of sensory inputs – is now a reality with sensing and response applications. These solutions – powered by SAP HANA – can turn massive volumes of smart meter data into in-depth customer analysis based on energy consumption, and even foresee the breakage point of a machine tool or oil drill bit based on a live stream of inputs.

  • Build extreme, real-time solutions that were not possible before SAP HANA
  • Avoid the bull whip effect by removing the time delay from insight to action
  • Solve complexities such as personalized insight, text search, and predictive analytics
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Whitepaper displayed on a tablet device

NRI: Analyzing Tokyo Traffic in Real Time

Discover how this Japanese research and consulting services provider is using SAP HANA applications to capture and analyze massive amounts of traffic information – in real time – to keep over 12,000 taxicabs clear of Tokyo traffic congestions.

Centrica executive discussing success with SAP HANA

Centrica: Processing Smart Meter Data

Learn how this British multinational utility company is processing and analyzing vast amounts of data generated by its smart meter technology – faster – with SAP HANA. Gavin Targonski, head of information and integration architecture at Centrica explains.

Manager using SAP Supplier InfoNet on a laptop

Crowd Source Your Supplier KPIs

Find out how SAP Supplier InfoNet employs “crowd sourcing” to give you better insight into supplier performance and risk. Read the solution brief to learn how the application collects performance data, provides valuable KPIs, predicts supplier behavior, and more.

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