Run real-time simulations to improve planning and optimization – with SAP HANA in-memory

Perform complex scheduling and simulations in real time – for faster, more accurate planning and optimizations – with SAP HANA analytics. This in-memory computing technology can help you quickly plan and optimize across any number of parties, any volume of data, and any quantity of sources.

  • Perform accurate planning based on up-to-date information from across the network
  • Rapidly re-assess plans as needed with complex simulations performed in very short periods of time
  • Accelerate planning and drive rapid consensus with real-time, interactive analysis on big data
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Suning executive speaking about success with SAP HANA

Suning: Accelerating Inventory Planning

Discover how China’s top home appliance retailer is running real-time complex available-to-promise (ATP) inventory checks up to 1,000 times faster – with the SAP HANA platform.* And see how the company went live with the technology after just two weeks of implementation.

Dabur executive SAP Sales and Operations Planning, powered by SAP HANA

Dabur: Simulating Scenarios in Real Time

Find out how India’s largest ayurvedic medicine manufacturer will use SAP Sales and Operations Planning, powered by SAP HANA, to simulate what-if scenarios and evaluate expected impact in real time – for faster, more informed decision making across the enterprise.

Busy shoppers in a crosswalk

Explore SAP Audience Discovery & Targeting

Discover how SAP Audience Discovery & Targeting can help Marketing Managers leverage large amounts customer data across their enterprise to build highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns that accurately engages and converts customers while maximizing ROI.

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