Arm your lines of business with real-time insights

Leverage our core process accelerators – non-disruptive ways to take advantage of in-memory computing – to arm your lines of business with real-time insights. With an SAP HANA database sitting next to your ERP system, the accelerators can instantaneously replicate transactional data from ERP into SAP HANA – for immediate reporting.

  • Improve business performance with plug and play acceleration of core processes
  • Run real-time reports and analysis on large volumes of ERP and CRM data
  • Quickly and easily feed analysis results back into ERP to maximize business value
Speedometer, representing business process acceleration with SAP HANA
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Colgate Executive speaking about SAP COPA Accelerator

Colgate: Turbocharging Profitability Analysis

How is this global consumer products company drastically increasing system speed? With SAP COPA Accelerator. See how Colgate-Palmolive is using the solution to speed brand and customer profitability analysis – and improve month-end closing time – after going live in just eight weeks.

Screenshot of sales pipeline

Test Drive a Live SAP HANA System

The game: Your company is a diversified multi-national organization with a revenue of $5 billion. Your job is to keep track of the sales pipeline and increase the performance of your sales team. Use SAP Sales Pipeline Analysis to get the real-time insights you need to accelerate sales.

T-Mobile employees using SAP HANA to gain marketing insights

T-Mobile: Empowering Marketing

See how T-Mobile leverages SAP HANA to empower marketing with near real-time insight into massive volumes of customer data. Marketers can now gain deeper understanding of customers to message and market to them more effectively across millions of interactions daily.

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