SAP Information Steward

Maximize data integrity with our information steward software

Monitor, analyze, and improve the integrity of your data. Our information steward software, a powerful combination of data profiling and metadata management, can provide your business users with continuous insight into the quality of your enterprise information – for enhanced operational, analytical, and governance initiatives.

  • Facilitate collaboration between business and IT users for efficient information asset management
  • Enhance data quality with increased transparency into origins and lineage
  • Consolidate, integrate, and audit metadata from all relevant sources
  • Improve information governance with consistent data validation rules and guidelines
  • Deepen understanding of data quality metrics with intuitive dashboards and scorecards
  • Reduce IT costs and complexity with a single solution for data profiling and metadata management
Business people reviewing data integrity reports
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Coworkers reviewing data integrity with SAP Information Steward

Solution Brief: SAP Information Steward

Better understand and analyze the trustworthiness of your data with SAP Information Steward. Learn how the software can give your business users the tools they need to create complete, accurate, and consistent data records from within a unified framework.

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