Extreme Online Transactions

Meet the challenges of extreme transaction processing (XTP) – with the SAP HANA, Limited Runtime Edition for Applications bundle

Create an extreme transaction processing (XTP) environment that can support thousands of concurrent users at top speed – with the SAP HANA, Limited Runtime Edition for Applications bundle. Part of SAP Data Management solutions, the bundle brings together a powerful combination of in-memory computing, extreme transaction processing, and event stream processing.

  • Improve performance for XTP with a cost-effective SAP bundle
  • Achieve millions of transactions per minute with terabyte-sized databases, powered by SAP HANA
  • Meet the demands of highly distributed, global, “always on” applications
  • Quickly process unstructured data – and use advanced tools to increase data availability
  • Enhance the quality and speed of decision making with a 360° view of your business
  • Uncover new opportunities and markets – and create new points of contact with your customers
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