SAP Cloud for Sales

Bentley Systems: Simplifies complex sales CRM processes to increase client engagement with SAP Cloud for Sales

Bentley Systems is a software company that helps design, build, and operate infrastructure around the world. SAP Cloud for Sales provides complete customer insight and end-to-end visibility into the lead to cash service process. Sales teams with collaboration, powerful analytics and mobile-enabled, have everything they need at their fingertips. "SAP Cloud for Sales allows our sales force to have a global reach with client data at their fingertips anywhere, anytime. We are able to service our clients better and SAP helps us simplify a very complicated business" - Lew Reed, VP Sales Operations, Bentley Systems.

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Sales people sharing best practices through the SAP Sales OnDemand app

AkzoNobel: Improved Customer Engagement

The paints division at AkzoNobel is dedicated to providing the right color, texture, and special effects for any space. With SAP Cloud for Sales solution, sales reps have the information they need right at their fingertips. The result is more meaningful customer interactions and better service across the globe.

Beating the competition with SAP Sales OnDemand

Nebraska Book Company: Beating the Competition

Hear how this U.S. college textbook company uses SAP Cloud for Sales to respond to market challenges and turn around sales. The company competes against online retailers more effectively using customer insight to provide prompt, personalized solutions to customers.

Sales people working better with SAP Sales OnDemand

Rieber: Enhances Their Customer's Experience

Watch how this kitchen supplier is using SAP cloud for Sales to enhance visibility across all departments for a single customer, bringing its ‘One Rieber’ approach to life. Hear how Rieber gave their sales force an easy, cost-effective way to connect with their customers information when and where they needed it.

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BOA Group: Sharing Best Practices

Watch how this leading manufacturer of mechanical elements uses SAP Cloud for Sales to share best practices among its sales regions and improve forecasting capabilities.

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Proseed: Collaborate Smarter

Watch how Proseed's sales and marketing teams collaborate more effeciently and manage accounts effectively to work smarter, sell better, and win more with SAP Cloud for Sales.

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