SAP Decision Service Management

Make smarter and faster operational decisions with decision service management software

Quickly react to changing business and regulatory requirements and adapt processes in enterprise applications. SAP Decision Service Management aims to simplify and accelerate the management of decision logic that is driving your applications processes.

  • Centrally manage a repository of decision services
  • Empower business users to control decision services
  • Make decision services available to connected business applications instantaneously without costly downtimes
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  • Executives make better and faster operational decisions through automation
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Featured Resources

Businessman smiling due to the increased business agility gained through the use of decision service management software

From Business Rules to Decision Management - SAP'S BRM Strategy

Watch this 20-minute interview with Carsten Ziegler, Chief Product Owner of SAP Decision Service Management, to learn what this solution is all about.

Business people calculating the ROI that can be achieved through using decision service management software

ROI of SAP Decision Service Management

The business case for SAP Decision Service Management is clear - increased business value, decreased development and maintenance costs, and rapid time to value.

Group of people discussing about decision service management

More flexibility at lower cost

Find helpful user blogs, discussions, presentations and more on how to take best advantage of automating complex decision via business-user maintained decision services.

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