Operational Risk Management

Manage operational risks beyond compliance with software that runs processes safely and profitably

Prevent and manage operational risks by developing and incorporating sustainable, safe processes and procedures using SAP software. Budget, plan for, and control increased compliance costs – as you face more regulations that impact day-to-day operations. Proactively manage safety and environmental risks inherent to operating and maintaining assets.

  • Identify and reduce operational risks with confidence
  • Consistently implement environmental, health, and safety (EHS) standards
  • Establish and enforce operating controls based on EHS regulations and compliance
  • Reduce compliance costs and boost productivity while mitigating risks
Lab workers in safety suits handling test tubes during an operational risk management procedure
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Workers in hard hats performing operational risk management procedures in a manufacturing plant

Keeping People, Assets, and the Environment Safe

Keep people safe and operate assets and equipment safely, reliably, and optimally by supporting proactive, integrated operational risk management. Align stakeholder objectives across your business to assess and control risks, communicate safe work practices, and ensure performance visibility.

Two men and a woman using operational risk management software on a computer

Managing Integrated Operational Risk

Explore the critical issues surrounding operational risk management. Find out what you can do to ensure operational continuity, how you can give your people the skills and tools needed to ensure safe operations, and how you can manage operational risks while delivering return on investment.

Construction workers installing pipeline

Manage Operational Risk: Drilling Risk and Safety

Improve operational risks in process manufacturing and the oil and gas industries. Prevent accidental mishaps and near misses, and improve asset, process, and workforce safety through better maintenance. Use analytics in SAP solutions to detect, diagnose, and direct operational risk management.

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