Turn Big Data into your biggest ally – with extreme-scale analytics and warehousing from SAP IQ

Transform your business and enhance in-the-moment decision making with the latest version of SAP IQ – a highly optimized RDBMS built for extreme-scale Big Data analytics and warehousing. Gain an edge in today’s data-intensive world by providing deeper insights across your organization – insights never before practical, or even possible.

  • SAP IQ holds the Guinness World Record for fastest loading and indexing of Big Data
  • SAP IQ with SAP HANA hold the Guinness World Record for largest data warehouse at 12.1 PB
  • Exploit the value of massive volumes of data – without disruptions or cost increases
  • Gain a more accurate picture of business performance and market dynamics
  • Empower your people with the insights they need, when they need them

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Tap into Big Data at the Speed of Business

Uncover deep insights from your Big Data – simply, quickly, and cost-effectively – with the recently released SAP IQ 16. Using this RDBMS, you’ll have the remarkable ability to handle massive workloads for a multitude of users, with performance up to 100 times faster than traditional systems.

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Mozzart: Betting on a Winner

This leading sports betting company tested several data warehouse solutions to analyze the profitability of 50,000 daily betting games. They found that with SAP IQ, reports were delivered 10 times faster than the next-best solution – helping Mozzart improve profitability and the customer experience.*

Financial regulator investigating stock trading irregularities

SunGard: Expanding into New Markets

How did SunGard evolve its Protegent financial compliance solutions to keep up with customers' growing data volumes? By using SAP IQ to build newer, larger systems that support Big Data. Now the company is able to expand into new markets and business areas – and thwart even shadier stock trades.

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