SAP StreamWork

SAP StreamWork Support Resources and Contacts

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Find help on the SAP Community Network

Communicate with other members of the SAP StreamWork community.

Go to the user forum


Review the documentation for SAP StreamWork online.
Read the online documentation

Review the documentation for SAP StreamWork mobile.
Read the mobile user guide

Learn more about how you can integrate with SAP StreamWork.
Read the developer documentaion

Review the list of new features and enhancements made available in each release of SAP StreamWork.
Read the release notes

Suggest ideas for improving SAP StreamWork and vote on ideas suggested by others.
Make an enhancement request

Find answers to the most common questions about using SAP StreamWork.
View the SAP StreamWork tutorials


The user forum is always the first recommended channel to get help by connecting with other people using SAP StreamWork. Search this forum first for answers to your questions and to share information with other users.

To create a message from the SAP Service Marketplace (available for enterprise edition only):
Log in to the SAP Service Marketplace and go to Help & Support > Report a Product Error (use component BI-OD-STW). To help us analyze the root cause, please list the steps we can take to reproduce the issue, and please include screen shots as attachments. If you do not yet have an S-User ID, please request one. If you have already registered for SAP Service Marketplace, but can't remember your password, you may reset your password.

For security issues, email