Amp up production and boost efficiencies – with SAP applied analytics solutions for the oil and gas industry

Gain a holistic view of your operations with our applied analytics solutions for the oil and gas industry. Maximize return on capital employed. Keep up with dynamic markets, customer needs, and regulations. And better protect your people and the environment.

  • Analyze the complete project lifecycle to understand dependencies, objectives, and help meet targets
  • Predict and analyze production loss to determine root causes and reduce costly failures
  • Improve operational efficiency, and increase production from existing assets
  • Mitigate risk with improved governance, regulatory reporting, and compliance
  • Monitor supply chain performance and quickly remedy discrepancies
  • Tap into customer and market insights to evaluate trends and market opportunities
Offshore oil rig at sunset
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Gas meter with dials

Proactively Understand Asset Failure

Shift from corrective to predictive maintenance – with SAP Predictive Analysis powered by SAP HANA. Watch our demo to understand the factors causing asset failure, and learn how data-driven planning can reduce costly service downtime and repair hours.

Large red oil drilling rigs

Continental Resources: Pumped About Analytics

For this Oklahoma-based drilling company, the challenge isn’t finding reserves – it’s monitoring the performance of wells in production. Find out how they added analytics and in-memory computing at the wellhead to keep their oil pumping efficiently.

Offshore oil rig at sunset

Vantage Drilling: Monitoring Rigs

When you’re drilling offshore, you need to monitor maintenance, safety, and productivity – mostly from afar. Learn how this international drilling company is using SAP HANA and predictive analytics to monitor offshore rigs – at anytime and from anywhere.

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