Drive effective trade promotions with applied analytics solutions for the consumer products industry

Accurately assess the impact and effectiveness of your trade promotions on sales, volume, and profitability. Our applied analytics solutions for the consumer products industry can help you efficiently manage and optimize your trade spend – for higher revenue and a sharper competitive edge.

  • Track resource investment by category, product, channel, and customer
  • Analyze post-promotion performance to refine and target your investments
  • Trigger alerts for budget overruns and lags in trade performance


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Unilever: Going Green With Analytics

Learn how real-time analytics are helping this consumer goods giant reach its sustainability goals – all centered around improving health and wellbeing, reducing environmental impact, and improving livelihoods – by delivering fast insights into its vast global supply chain.

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Are You Swift and Nimble Enough?

With consumer tastes shifting with the wind, consumer products companies must be particularly swift and nimble. Read this Bloomberg Research Report to learn about a holistic and predictive approach to analytics that can help companies be first with innovative products.

A woman holding a shopping bag, representing effective trade promotion management

Data-Driven Trade Promotion Management

Take the guesswork out of promotion planning and drive smarter, data-driven decision making – with real-time analytics for the consumer products industry. Our targeted trade promotion solutions can help you plan, execute, and adapt for maximum profitability.

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Applied Analytics Solutions for Consumer Products

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