Become an SAP OEM Partner – and create new business value

Embed our world-class solutions and platforms directly into your own applications – for greater market potential – by becoming an SAP OEM Partner. Build more robust, more reliable products for less – and give your customers the best of both worlds: unparalleled SAP functionality backed by your own deep industry knowledge and expertise.

  • Expand your market reach and increase top and bottom line revenue
  • Minimize development time and cost – and accelerate time to market
  • Increase deal size with a larger portfolio of product offerings
  • Give your customers tools to deepen insight and make faster decisions
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SAP partner Portugal Telecom

Portugal Telecom: Anticipating Trends

Discover how Portugal Telecom anticipates technology trends to build products and services that meet tomorrow’s needs – today. By combining SAP HANA with their own cloud expertise, Portugal Telecom delivers products and services that allow companies to run more efficiently.

SAP partner Enersis

Enersis: Moving From Oracle to SAP HANA

Find out why Enersis made the switch from Oracle to SAP – and now embeds SAP HANA into their Big Data mash-ups with Google Maps. These easy-to-use visualization tools help utility decision makers understand Big Data quickly and intuitively – for a competitive advantage.

SAP partner Ericsson

Ericsson: Bringing Big Data to Life

Learn how Ericsson – the largest supplier of systems and services for telecom service providers – is using SAP HANA to bring Big Data to life for its customers. The results not only enhance the way we – and our devices – communicate with each other, but improve everyday life.

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