SAP Crystal Server

Deliver results quickly with our entry level business intelligence software for small companies

Equip your decision makers with intuitive, easy access to business intelligence (BI) essentials – including reports, dashboards, and data exploration.

  • Easily access and share reports and dashboards and explore corporate data from a single solution
  • View critical insights across data sources with intuitive, guided data exploration
  • Ensure corporate data is readily accessible with a common semantic layer
  • Accelerate report design and deliver personalised reports to a dynamic list
  • Deliver reports, dashboards and data exploration within a managed, secure BI infrastructure
Colleagues exploring data from a tablet
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Business users sharing critical business data with business intelligence software

Explore, Manage, and Share Critical Insights

Discover how SAP Crystal Server can sharpen your organisation's competitive edge. Learn about the solution's robust data exploration, reporting, and dashboard functionality – and find out how it can help even the smallest companies compete on a global scale.

Manager searching for customer data on her mobile device

Business Intelligence Strategies for SMEs

Explore the challenges small and midsize companies face when implementing – and using – solutions for reporting, dashboard initiatives, and data exploration. And find out how SAP Crystal solutions can help you meet these challenges head on.

Finance executive running budget reports with business intelligence software

Forrester Report on Self-Service BI

Get insight about the emergence of self service BI solutions across multiple industries and discover opportunities for productivity gains.

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What's Included

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