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  • Mobile keeps the water running

    See why 84% of executives say that mobile improves their ability to achieve high productivity and helps them deliver advice on consumption.

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  • Gjør det enkelt

    Hvordan vi kan overvinne kompleksiteten som vi tilfører bedriftene, jobbene og livene våre.

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  • A 7-strategy guide to marketing success

    Learn how to about building stronger relationships – one customer at a time, in this comprehensive guide for marketers.

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  • SAP TechEd 2015: simple IT at its best

    Discuss strategies and get hands-on training from SAP experts. November 10–12 in Barcelona.

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  • Try SAP Cloud for Sales Free

    See how you can work smarter, sell better, and win more using a sales application designed for salespeople.

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  • Smaller teams are closing bigger deals

    SAP Digital for Customer Engagement can help you work faster, sell smarter, and collaborate more effectively.

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