SAP Bills of Material rapid-deployment solution

Automate production structures and synchronize BOMs

Generate value across your production chain by aligning your engineering and manufacturing structures. With an integrated software-and-services solution, you can quickly automate and accurately document your production structures for synchronizing and managing engineering bills of materials (eBOMs) and manufacturing bills of materials (mBOMs).

  • Define product structures for eBOMs and mBOMs
  • Monitor and compare structure changes to eBOMs and mBOMs
  • Manage data handovers – quickly
  • Reduce data errors, improve manufacturing information, and control data security
A manufacturing worker scanning a BOM’s barcode
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A welder soldering a product

Restructure mBOMs during Handovers

Define a product’s functionality and the compatibility of its components. Outline the sequence of production processes and synchronize eBOMs and mBOMs. You can also manage the transition from engineering to manufacturing, ensuring that both groups maintain their data independently.

A manufacturing worker reviewing production processes

Synchronize eBOMs and mBOMs

Create an mBOM from an eBOM – and update the eBOM as it changes. Move the items outlined in an mBOM from one subassembly to another, deleting or adding new ones as needed. You can also compare eBOMs and mBOMs – and resolve material conflicts.

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The base price for the implementation of the SAP software is $66,900 USD* and does not include maintenance or other negotiated services or fees.

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