SAP Enterprise Inventory Optimization and Service-Level Optimization

Optimize product availability, while reducing inventory with inventory management software

Sense changes in demand, supply, and network alignment with our inventory management software. You’ll have access to optimal inventory positioning and a process for streamlining, managing, and monitoring inventory stocking levels at all stocking locations in a multi-stage supply chain.

  • Coordinate capacity, inventory, demand, lead time, and product availability variables
  • Calculate the relationships among inventories, service levels, capacity, and costs
  • Enable planners to set and manage targets such as safety stocks more frequently at a granular level
  • Help customers realize savings from improved customer service levels and lower inventory
  • Gain a comprehensive demand-supply management solution, along with supply change management & APO
  • Accurately track and streamline inventory positions throughout an order-to-cash value chain
  • Increase sales by determining optimal inventory targets
  • Enhance risk management through prescriptive strategic analysis capabilities
  • Free working capital by balancing service levels and inventory investment


Taped inventory boxes of on a conveyor belt that is being managed
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