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  • "SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud - The Power of Real-Time Business and Simplicity of the Cloud " >

    Take a look at how business are taking advantage of the power of in-memory computing with the SAP HANA platform - and a quick-cost-effective deployment and ramp-up experience thanks to the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service. Transform the organization without the risk and cost of an on-premise implementation project.

  • "SAP Overview Movie - Line of Business (LoB)" >

    SAP.com Line of Business (LoB) Spotlight Overview Movie (English spoken, Dutch subtitles) .

  • "SAP Overview Movie - Service & Support (English with Dutch subtitles)" >

    SAP Overview Movie - Service & Support (English with Dutch subtitles) for SAP.com NX website spotlight area.

  • "Achmea: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    See how the biggest health insurance company in the Netherlands Achmea prepares for the future with the implementation of the complete SAP insurance suite. They have started projects around SAP CRM and SAP mobility solutions and they are also looking into SAP HANA. Their goal is to become the most trusted insurance company in the Netherlands.

  • "Fast and Low-Cost Analytics Solutions for the SAP ERP and SAP CRM " >

    Discover how SAP Rapid Marts packages, Edge edition, let you access and use transactional data stored in SAP ERP and SAP CRM for better, faster decision making. The packages support the SAP HANA platform, provide fast and powerful analysis and reporting, and can be deployed quickly to meet business demands.

  • "Dorset County Council: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn how SAP helped Dorset County save money and reduce cost pressures. SAP was the corner stone of Dorset’s cultural and business change process and helped prepare Dorset for organisational change and to be better fit for the future by become more lean and efficient and able to report quicker.

  • "Kies en implementeer uw software in een handomdraai met best practices" >

    Ontdek hoe SAP Best Practices uw SAP Business All-in-One oplossingen betaalbaarder, flexibeler en rendabeler maakt. Met de bouwstenen van SAP Best Practices speelt u direct in op dringende wensen en past u de software aan als uw behoeften veranderen.

  • "Rademaker" >

    Rademaker ontwikkelt en produceert machines voor de voedselverwerkende industrie. Deze moeten voldoen aan strenge kwaliteitseisen in vele landen. Met SAP Business All-in-One ERP en de Prefab-SAP template van Dimensys voldoet het bedrijf aan die eisen.


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