Explore in-memory applications built on the SAP HANA Platform

SAP is delivering a new class of applications on top of the SAP HANA platform that provide real-time insights on big data and supplies state-of-the-art analysis. These innovative – yet non-disruptive – real-time solutions can transform your organization with the technology you need to make smarter and faster decisions, react more quickly to events, unlock new opportunities, and even invent new data-driven business models and processes that were simply not possible before.

  • Analyze big data in real time and build transactions on top
  • Unlock and capture new opportunities with real-time insight
  • Invent innovative data-driven business models and processes
Mountain climber on a summit, representing a competitive advantage with SAP HANA applications
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SAP Sales and Operations Planning brings stakeholders together for an integrated planning process

Overview: SAP Sales and Operations Planning

Learn how SAP Sales and Operations Planning, powered by SAP HANA, can bring stakeholders across your organization together in a truly integrated planning process. You can use this collaborative process to align demand and supply – profitability.

Alliander executive discusses success with our in-memory applications

Alliander: Optimizing Energy Management

Find out how this major Dutch utility company is collecting and crunching huge volumes of smart meter data – and creating new business models that help customers change behaviour and reduce energy consumption – with SAP HANA applications.

NRI executive discussing how SAP HANA helps reduce travel time and stress

NRI: Analyzing Tokyo Traffic in Real Time

Discover how this Japanese research and consulting services provider is using SAP HANA applications to capture and analyze massive amounts of traffic information – in real time – to keep over 12,000 taxicabs clear of Tokyo traffic congestions.

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