CenterPoint Energy: revolutionizing operations with SAP ERP software

Find out how this electricity and natural gas distributor in the southern United States is using SAP ERP software as a launch pad for growth. Watch this short video to see how the company is transforming business operations, tightening financial controls, and better meeting customer needs – all for a low total cost of ownership.

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    • Counterpoint Energy is a distribution company. We have three primary functions. We distribute electricity in the Houston and metropolitan area. We distribute gas in Houston metropolitan area and five other states. And we have pipelines primarily running east-west. One of the driving factors that led us to the SAP selection was the goal to work towards a one-company view and do processes the same. We believed that the purchase and implementation of those processes around the same software product would help significantly. It would also help with the financial consolidation, and it would help move all these companies towards the company goal of one company, do it right. The customer system for a utility drives everything from scheduling the meter reads, getting the meter reads, scheduling the service out in the field, and interfacing for repairs. We needed to have a module that would do that naturally and then feed the financial into the general ledger, ultimately into the corporate company reporting The volume, even though the company has very high volumes of dollars, this comes one customer at a time, $30 to $90 at a crack. You have very, very high volumes. And SAP provided a way of taking the high volumes out of the CCS module, summarizing those through a subsidiary ledger, and then feeding them into the general ledger in the method that we needed. Our company has the ability to sell and buy vacation, the individual employees. And just because I've worked there 20 years doesn't mean I have five weeks' vacation or four weeks' vacation, because I could sell or buy and that's a personal decision. But my manager needs to know that when he's approving vacation. Do I have any left? And we are tying those things together such that it becomes a little more easier for the manager to do his job and doesn't require an administrative person just to manage that. And our intent is actually as we move forward with Duet, tie Microsoft Office and SAP. We have high expectations to expand that even more. Centerpoint has moved into an area that is very aggressive on the front edge of technology with respect to automated meter infrastructure, of which automated meter reading is a part of that. We'll be able to tell you've lost power at your house, we'll be able to check your neighbors, we'll be able to figure out that the power is out just to your house. We'll dispatch somebody to your house and fix it before you ever get home. Benefits are better customer service, because we do restoration, we'll be able to do preventative maintenance before that interruption occurs. It will also reduce costs around capital development, because we'll be able to load transformer and up to substations more efficiently. Then the biggest benefit from an overview is, we expect to be able to invoke time-of-use type of electric pricing, providing this information to electric retailers such that they can offer various programs that customers will be able to select. We expect SAP to be our partner in doing this in tightly integrating that with the CCS module.
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