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  • "Preserving and Growing Value Through Enterprise Risk Management" >

    Learn how SAP Risk Management enables risk-adjusted management of enterprise performance to optimize efficiency, increase effectiveness, and maximize visibility across risk initiatives – helping you to reduce costs and increase strategic effectiveness.

  • "Sharp Electronics: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Sharp Electronics is a manufacturing and service company producing consumer, business, and solar system electronics. Watch how SAP BusinessObjects Process Control is enabling Sharp Electronics to focus on innovation rather than its business processes and internal controls.

  • "SAP BusinessObjects GRC Solutions – Addressing Food and Drug Regulations: Product Demo" >

    Explore how SAP BusinessObjects GRC solutions give you the tools you need to increase confidence in validation processes and achieve continuous compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations.

  • "High-Performance Healthcare Solutions That Drive Better Healthcare Outcomes" >

    Learn how, to remain competitive today, healthcare organizations must deliver quality care, control rising costs, improve patient safety, and increase efficiency and employee productivity. Find out how the SAP for Healthcare solution portfolio helps them achieve these important objectives.

  • "Export Operations and Compliance Benchmark Report" >

    Read this new benchmark survey by American Shipper. Nearly 500 U.S.-based exporters were surveyed on export regulatory reform, the National Export Initiative, management practices, organizational structure, and export management technology. (American Shipper, 2011).

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  • "Essar Oil" >

    Essar Oil is a leading India-based integrated oil and gas company with end-to-end operations. Learn how it uses SAP BusinessObjects Access Control to manage the segregation of duties and user access so the complete hire-to-retire user lifecycle management process is automated.

  • "Discovering Immediate Answers to Your Business Questions " >

    Discover how SAP BusinessObjects Explorer can help you find immediate answers to business questions. This software combines the simplicity and speed of search with the trust and analytical power of business intelligence, enabling you to obtain quick answers to your business questions.

  • "Sales Made Easier with Business Intelligence: Overview Video" >

    View how Scott, a sales professional, has an "a-ha" moment when he realizes analytics can make work easier and help him become more agile in targeting prospects more effectively and closing successfuly more often.

  • "Ryerson: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Ryerson is a leading processor and distributor of metals in North America. Discover how this industry leader is using SAP solutions for governance, risk, and compliance to overcome IT deficiencies, identify segregation-of-duty conflicts, maintain compliance, and achieve cost efficiency.

  • "Leveraging Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions from SAP " >

    Find out how to access real-time information using business intelligence and analytics solutions from SAP-authorized resellers. Gain insight to business performance based on data and statistical methods, and make better decisions faster.

  • "Harness and Unlock the Value of Your Data with SAP Data Services Software" >

    See how SAP Data Services lets you integrate, transform, improve, and deliver trusted data to fuel your critical business processes. This enterprise-class solution enables data integration, data quality, text data processing, data profiling, and metadata management to form a solid information management infrastructure.

  • "Customer-Centric Merchandising for Retail" >

    Find out how leading retailers are infusing customer information in the merchandising process to deliver a more customer-centric shopping experience. See how using this information in assortment, pricing, targeted promotions, and marketing can increase top-line growth and expand customer loyalty.

  • "SAP Fraud Management Powered by SAP HANA: Overview Video" >

    Learn how SAP Fraud Management, an application for detecting, investigating and deterring fraud, is powered by the SAP HANA platform. See how the application uses advanced rules and algorithms on large amounts of data to identify and predict fraud-related behavior, issue alerts, and block fraudulent transactions to prevent further damage.

  • "Discover a Retail Banking Platform for Multiple Brands" >

    Learn how Deutsche Bank built a next-generation, core banking and services platform to achieve more flexibility, faster time to market, and cost efficiency. Consider how the use of standard software and commodity infrastructure drive the industrialization of IT and business processes.

  • "Better Asset Performance with Asset Analytics Software from SAP" >

    Find out how SAP BusinessObjects Asset Analytics helps you track performance of physical assets on which your organization depends for ongoing business success. Integrated with SAP Enterprise Asset Management, it helps you set up asset management goals and make changes for continuous improvement.

  • "Business Analytics: Overview Video" >

    See how analytics solutions from SAP can help you access and analyze trusted information, and make confident decisions to achieve remarkable results.

  • "Finance Made Easier with Business Intelligence: Overview Video" >

    Watch how Maria, a finance professional, has an "a-ha" moment when she realizes analytics can make her work easier by helping to uncover financially underperforming products in just a few clicks.

  • "Business Intelligence: A Guide for Midsize Companies" >

    Ready to move beyond spreadsheets? Find out how to recognize the signs your company needs a business intelligence (BI) solution and what you should look for in a solution and a vendor. Learn more about BI components and approaches to implementating a BI solution to improve your company’s efficiency and effectiveness.

  • "Lenovo" >

    Lenovo is at the forefront of IBM’s PC division. Find out how this multinational high tech company deployed the SAP Global Trade Services application to streamline trade management processes – standardizing its trade procedures in more than 40 countries and distribution centers.

  • "Accelerate Finance Transformation with Technology Innovations" >

    Implement new technology innovations in enterprise mobility, performance management, governance, and risk. See how SAP and our customers are using technology to transform the role of their finance organizations. Explore ways to help boost productivity, responsiveness, and transparency, while enabling better decision making.


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