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  • "Boosting Profitability Through Full Cost Visibility" >

    Learn all about how SAP BusinessObjects Net Margin Analysis helps reduce direct and indirect costs to maximize overall net margin across all combinations of product, customer, sales organization, and channel.

  • "Meeting Your Regulatory Compliance Requirements with SAP Sybase IQ Server " >

    Restore investor confidence through greater accountability and transparency in an increasingly stringent regulatory climate. Learn how to aggregate and analyze massive amounts of data with efficiency, reducing time to answer for regulatory compliance while improving business processes, insight, and decision making.

  • "SRAM - MOC" >

    Learn how SRAM, a consumer products company, used BI and access controls to manage growth and prepare for its company's IPO - achieved it through analysis, reporting and controls that enabled tighter alignment with production to meet customer demand, rendered by analysis of industry specifications and other data.

  • "Pelican Products and Bloomberg: Customer Testimonial Video " >

    In this one-on-one interview with Bloomberg, John Padian, COO of Pelican Products offers his thoughts about basic business practices and how Pelican Products transformed their business with a more organized approach to go-to- market.

  • "Allied Mills" >

    Read about how this leading Australian food ingredient manufacturer improved data accuracy for faster, better-informed decision making with SAP Global Trade Management. Allied Mills integrated the software into its existing SAP environment and has streamlined business operations and processes for grain procurement.

  • "Comparison of Features by Version for the SAP Crystal Reports Family of Offerings" >

    Use this detailed "feature by version, by edition" comparison table to understand and compare the functionality delivered in previous versions of SAP Crystal Reports and SAP Crystal Reports Server.

  • "Integrate Your Business Network with SAP Software" >

    Read how you can integrate your business network with SAP software designed to best fit the needs of your headquarters, subsidiaries, and partners. SAP software provides insight into operations across the network and supports harmonized, integrated processes. Our partner ecosystem can assist with global deployments.

  • "Discover a Retail Banking Platform for Multiple Brands" >

    Learn how Deutsche Bank built a next-generation, core banking and services platform to achieve more flexibility, faster time to market, and cost efficiency. Consider how the use of standard software and commodity infrastructure drive the industrialization of IT and business processes.

  • "Finance as Analytical Partner to the Business" >

    Read the research report that uncovers the current sentiment among finance executives on the types of information technology they believe can help improve financial and operational performance. (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2013) .

  • "SAP Access Control Role Analytics: Overview Video" >

    Watch to learn more about the SAP Access Control Role Analytics analytic application, powered by SAP HANA in this overview video.

  • "Gain Deep Brand and Customer Insight with Social Media Analytics" >

    Learn how companies can listen to and understand what people are saying about them and their products using SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase. The software extracts customer perceptions from terabytes of social media commentary in real time – enabling brand protection and strengthening market position.

  • "Support Global Expansion with Trade and Financial Compliance: SAP BusinessObjects Electronic Invoicing for Brazil" >

    Learn how the SAP BusinessObjects Electronic Invoicing for Brazil application (SAP Nota Fiscal Eletronica) can help your company comply with digital invoice regulations in Brazil. The software can save costs and provide support with automated, certified, and secure communications at the state and federal level.

  • "Varian Medical Systems: Upgrades to SAP solutions for GRC 10.0" >

    With over 5,700 employees and roughly 300 requests for access to SAP applications running through SAP Access Control each month, Varian needed to optimize its process for provisioning users. Read how they accomplished this with SAP solutions for GRC, with a preventive, automated approach. (SAP Insider, 2012).

  • "Infosys" >

    Infosys is a global IT services company based in India. Find out how it adopted best practices for governance and risk management with SAP Access Control – eliminating segregation of duties violations and dramatically accelerating the process for report preparation.

  • "Zappos.com: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn why Zappos needed a scalable solution to support growth. Using SAP solutions, Zappos resolved accounts payable issues, have better visibility into its reporting and supply chain, and reduced time to close. SAP solutions also enabled Zappos to create a framework to quickly add functionality.

  • "The Three Pitfalls of Business Expansion – And How You Can Avoid Them" >

    This report explains the pitfalls of business expansion – including warning signs and impacts – and identifies approaches you can take to avoid them. (Technology Evaluation Centers).

  • "Transform Business with Big Data and Real-Time Analytics" >

    Improve decision making, bring new products and services to market, and better understand and serve your customers by harnessing the power of analytics. Learn how SAP can help you transform your business by delivering a new breed of real-time Big Data analytics powered by the SAP HANA platform. Drive growth from all parts of your enterprise.

  • "Streamlined, Integrated REACH Compliance Management" >

    Are you facing the challenge of handling and registering chemical substances to meet requirements of the EU’s REACH regulation? Learn how SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management enables you to take a strategic, reliable, and cost-effective approach to REACH compliance and fulfill REACH requirements efficiently.

  • "SAP Visual Intelligence with Jason Rose" >

    SAP has embarked on a new era of business intelligence allowing organizations of any size to distribute information, build engaging experiences, and allow individuals across the organization to make deeper and more meaningful interactions with data. Complementing the recent innovations in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 and leveraging the power of SAP HANA, innovations with SAP Visual Intelligence continue to expand SAP's portfolio for analytics via the cloud, mobile devices, and on the desktop. The latest release of SAP Visual Intelligence will unlock a new potential for individuals to tell rich, interactive stories though powerful visualization capabilities and transform their organization into a knowledge company to run like never before.

  • "Banque Cantonale de Fribourg" >

    To improve risk management and control, Banque Cantonale de Fribourg (BCF) extended its SAP solution portfolio with the SAP Risk Management and the SAP Process Control applications. Replacing legacy systems and integrating operational risk management into the broader IT landscape has improved transparency for all stakeholders.


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